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Apocalypto, XXI Century Edition

A Dutch “doctor” is going to be prosecuted in the Netherlands, a Country where the practice of euthanasia has been legal since 2002.

The details I have read were quite something: old patient suffering from dementia is given a poisoned coffee by Dr She-Goebbels. As the poor patient makes resistance to further “treatment” (possibly noticing the effect of the poison, or somehow sensing Dr She-Goebbels was in “executioner mode”) , Nazi doctor asks Nazi relatives to restrain patient whilst she finishes the job. It truly is like a scene from “Frantic”.

This is what Post-Christian Europe has become. Can you imagine a family in, say, 1958 – any family whatsoever, and be it the most wicked in the Netherlands – where the family helps the killing of their own relative by the hands of a state doctor?

People talk a lot about “humanity”, or being “humane” to people. The word is deceptive.

It is Christ who gives us our “humanity” in the way it is intended here. Without Christ, humans become literally inhumane. From the practice of the Suttee among the Hindu to the atrocities of the Aztec “religious” practices, ending with the Gulags and the Holocaust, we see time and again of what atrocities humans become capable, whilst considering them part of the orderly life of “decent” people.

Meet Apocalypto, XXI Century.

Where people think they are so much more advanced than their Christian forefathers, whilst holding their elders so that the doctor can kill them.


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