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The Struggle Never Ends: Appeal To All My US Readers


Help him to help you 


I must admit: since the confirmation of the great Brett Kavanaugh I have been breathing a lot more easily. Firstly, because this will make “change” (the real one) much easier, particularly if Justice Roberts doesn’t start to move to the left, fancying himself the new “swing vote”. Secondly, because the obscene circus created by the Democrats has actually worked for us, helping many Americans to understand what a bunch of ruthless, bastard, mob-inciting and mob-driven demagogues and opportunists now controls the party.

However, all this will count for nothing unless people actually not only go out and vote, but encourage their friends and family to do the same.

Early voting is underway in many States (and, from what I can follow, things are actually going pretty well; particularly if you look at the actual early vote statistics and ignore the fake news aka polls; but hey… don’t say it around too much…), but in order to make of this a victory it is really necessary that the a massive push follows the encouraging early data.

I define victory as: a) solid majority in the Senate that makes us not dependent from snakes in the grass a la Murkowski and Collins, and b) at least a tiny majority in the House that prevents the Dems from staging the next circus with endless investigations against Trump. This seems well achievable to me (and more than this could be achieved) if there is a real mobilisation of the sane part of the Country.

In the end, we must realise that the struggle never ends. The glorious victory in 2016 must be protected and helped to consolidate. The enemy is almost as strong as ever, and he is certainly more determined to destroy everything we hold sacred than he ever was.

Please do what you can to persuade one person besides you to vote, offer to accompany/drive them to the polling station if you can, phone/text/app those you know or suspect uncertain or not motivated. 

A lot is at stake, and even a man of amazing energy and purpose like Trump will find it difficult to make America great again whilst fending off the countless committees and various initiatives led or encouraged by screeching harpies (talking to you, Maxine!) with the sole purpose of making life as hard as possible for him.  This is as un-american as it gets, and every decent American should feel his blood boil at the very thought of the likes of Pelosi and Waters working against American values day in and day out; profiting that many have the right thinking, but were too lazy to get up early and go to the polling station before driving to work, or the like.

The entire world looks at the United States. The election of Trump already brought to Europe such a yield of sanity that it would have been difficult to imagine just a couple of years ago. The continuation of this process will not fail to have a ripple effect in Europe. If, God willing, abortion is curtailed in the US in the next 5-10 years (how do you feel today, Msss Bader Ginsburg? Yes? Are you sure?) I can’t imagine that Europe will be many years (five, ten at the most) behind.

Please vote and make people vote.

MAGA/KAG, one good Catholic at a time.


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