Forgive Me Father, Because I Left The Light On.

The Evil Clown has recently complained that people never confess the sin of offending nature, whatever that is.

With the stupidity that is so typical of the man, he added that this is because they are not aware that those are sins, you know.

So we have a situation where, for two thousand years, Christians have not been aware that something is a sin. But then Francis arrives on the scene, and proceeds to teach Christianity what is what. Let this sink in.

One truly has to be a functional retard in order to miss the arrogance, stupidity and veiled blasphemy of all this. Francis seems blissfully unaware, or – because even he might be more intelligent than that – defiantly uncaring of all the cow-defying flatulence he produces.

This is the man who downplays sexual sins at every occasion, and is on record with telling journalists not to expect too much success in the fight against paedo priests, because hey…. But woe to you, you like flying to your holiday destination. Repent!! And buy an old Renault 4! No, wait, that is sinful, too! I wonder if Frankie has confessed it?

Again, the conclusion is easy to reach: Francis is either satanically evil or shockingly stupid, tertium non datur. I vote for mainly evil, but also dumb; though not that dumb.

And now excuse me, I need to go to the kitchen, where I will “sin” with a nice steak; actually savouring not only the meat in itself, but the thought of all that “sinful” CO2 that went into its production. Tsk, tsk…


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  1. Hope it was sirloin, as Luther said “Sin, and sin boldly!”.

  2. Let’s not forget that the great evil of the Pharisees was the creation of sins no normal person could avoid committing, except, by implication, themselves.
    How the Pope’s creation of a whole new set of sins no normal person can avoid committing isn’t just exactly this, I really have no idea…

  3. This is an extremely bizarre situation in the Church with Francis and his minions pushing a completely “new world order Masonic” agenda. And no one vigorously confronting the evil.

  4. I’m going for ribeye myself.

  5. Pegon Zellschmidt

    The Evil Clown has recently complained that people never confess the sin ….
    How would he know? The last confessional Francis ever entered was to get the vacuum out.

  6. Cristelina Imperial

    “Father, forgive me, because I left the light on while committing adultery. And the light bulb wasn’t LED.”

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