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Toxic Effeminacy

You see them more and more often now. On lifts, buses, trains. Queuing at the till. Talking to each other as they walk.

Sissified men.

Their gesture, their tone; the way they walk, their posture when they stand. The way they cross their legs, chastely protecting an imaginary vagina, when they sit on the underground. Their clothes, with those ridiculous tubular trousers, three inches too short, that say “I am making an effort to look unthreatening”.

They can’t be all inverted.

There is a sub-cultural poison going around that is threatening the very bone marrow of this Country. I blame the explosion of “single motherhood” (once upon a time, called “bastardhood “) , that causes millions of boys to grow up without the army of men around him with whom every child growing up in my generation had constant contact. Not only this causes a lack of manhood models; it also causes these boys to absorb, in lesser or greater way, the ways of their mothers. Not only, mind, the mannerisms and the tones, or the posture; but also, and even more tragically, the entire attitude, then a woman raising a child without the benefit of a man around her – her occasional bed companions obviously not counted – will likely, without the influence of dominant males around her, abandon herself to tidal waves of passive -aggressiveness, turbocharged nagging and steroid-enhanced general bitchiness.

It takes men in the family to teach a woman to be the sweet creature she was born to be, then men and women mutually enhance each other in the complementarity of the Divine plan. Take half of this away, and the imbalance will be all too evident even in the passing contact caused by, say, a ten-second shared lift ride.

Traditional family arrangements work because they are God-given. Non-traditional ones fail because they are the product of a rebellion to the God-given order. The dismemberment and deformation of the family, down to its very nucleus, will forcibly produce an army of psychologically damaged individuals, unable to be what God made them to be: real, strong men and real, sweet women.

When sanity comes back, this will adjust automatically, if certainly slowly. But we will need a major Divine intervention or a big shakeup of the present societal system, because you can be pretty damn sure these sissified men have no problem at all with births out of wedlock or even so-called “gay marriage”. And they will carry their effeminate attitude straight to the voting booth.

Next time you see one of these sissies protect their imaginary vaginas on the bus, spread your legs a little bit wider. Who knows, some subliminal message might start to creep in inside the poor guy’s head.


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