Oh So Very ‘Umble Pope Uriah Heep Kisses Feet All Around

Oh so ‘umble

In time before the beginning of Holy Week, the Evil Clown pulls a stunt that makes very humble headlines.

Very much Uriah Heep, the man shows us how ‘umble he is by kissing the feet of everyone around him. This is the man that never genuflects in front of the tabernacle. A worst example of fake modesty and attention whoring has the Papacy never seen.

Once again, and for those who have not paid attention, Francis is telling you – nay: he is shouting to you in the face – that he is an atheist worshipping at the altar of man. There can be – and there is not supposed to be – any other explanation for such bizarre behaviour.

If – quod Deus avertat- this cretin lives for a couple of years longer, I shudder to think what he will do next, whilst stubbornly refusing to genuflect in front of the altar.

You might say that a Pope already kissed a Koran; but I maintain that that Pope was already gaga when he did. This guy here insisted in performing his stupid attention whoring act notwithstanding the embarrassment of the present and the friendly invitation to desist.

Perhaps his was also – besides the attention whoring – another way to belittle and demean the institution of the Papacy; as shown by the countless saintly Popes who, emphatically, never kissed the feet of anyone, much less heathens holding positions of power in extremely corrupt Countries. But those were saintly Popes, and this one here is an evil clown.

I expect now several Cardinals and Bishops to brown-nose the man just as the man brown-noses the world. The real curiosity will be whether there will be any prelate who actually condemns such a shameless act of self-promotion in front of the press. Don’t hold your breath.

The feet of Muslims who allegedly did something for “peace” are worthy of veneration in front of the media. The Tabernacle is not worthy of even a genuflection.

Oh ye of evil disposition, always ready to criticise those who expose the Evil Clown and condemn them as slanderers because the poor man “is too old to genuflect”: you know where you have to go, and you have been accomplices of the antics of this evil man for too long.

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  1. this is heroic–https://youtu.be/qn1y1-nTouM…………Francis makes me want to puke

  2. Which do you think the wiser, purer, allowing your ring to be kissed by members of the faithful or kissing the feet of non-Christians and other secular politicians? Lord, give us next a humble and truly caring man as Pope, one who is not afraid of the world , sayng and doing all the ‘nice’ things ana thrashing the old traditional ways.

  3. He will still have his apologists and defenders. Apparently, that will never change. There are people for whom he checks off all the boxes, and that won’t change. They have no Catholic sense of discernment, worship the world is their true creed.
    It is just as you say, all of it, he’s now maudlin, a caricature, a joke. He’s made himself into that in his escalating need for the hero-worship he enjoyed at the beginning for his faux-humility-shtick papacy. And now, desperate to regain that media hype and idol worship, he throws himself at the feet of Muslims even when they are aghast at his performance. Anybody who still believes this madman deserves him.
    He’s devolving, becoming more of himself, the mask is slipping. His bile is in his mouth, it’s all over his face, he can barely contain his hatred and venom for those who see through him and will not allow him to play his part. His face shows contempt, resentment, illness of heart and soul. His words are empty, and understood to be so now. He talks and says nothing worth listening to. He has shown himself for what he is.

  4. If he is the shepherd does that automatically make him good? I abhor the child-man. I abhor him with my whole heart.

  5. And still neglects to take action on the clergy sex abuse situation or speaks with clarity on Church doctrine, etc.

  6. He does everything totally opposite to Christ. He comes from the fire?

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