Nineteen Brave Men

The Open Letter accusing Pope Francis of pertinacious heresy was released with only nineteen signatories.

Stop a moment to reflect that these brave men chose to publish the letter well knowing that the wrath of the Vatican would be focused on their little number, and that Francis would have a fit of vulgar rage including both several crude swear words and the demand that they are hit whenever the Vatican can, in every way it can.

In particular, but without in any way diminishing the courage of the others, think of Aidan Nichols. Nichols is likely the most prestigious theologian alive in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Dominican Order. Francis will try to go after him with the wrath of one thousand very stupid suns.

Pray for the Nineteen Brave Men; that any measure taken against them may spectacularly fail and, if it is God’s will that they get to suffer for their testimony, their suffering may greatly increase their glory in Heaven.



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  1. Anthony Phillips

    I think it’s fine they did it, but it’s not really ‘brave’. I imagine most of them have their pensions sorted.
    Now if a bishop would sign it, in this crazy world in which we let popes depose bishops (how did that happen?), that’s different.

  2. Disappointed to see Father Brian Harrison’s mealy mouthed justification for not signing in the Wanderer.

    • Personally I think those who have the duty to act are bishops and cardinals. I would not want to be deprived of my good, Catholic parish priest (if I had one) in these dark times. Priest should do passive resistance. It is for bishops and cardinals to take action.

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