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Faithless Generations

Another day, another string of bad news coming from the Vatican: involvement in the financing of illegals, beatification of the next commiepriest, and the visual antic of a Pope wearing a turban and smiling like the ass he is.

The temptation is easy to think that all this can be instantly remedied by a surprise Pope who, after the present clown vacates the throne he so scandalously occupies, reestablishes sound Catholicism. But whenever I think this I also reflect: why?

Why would God instantly put an end to the punishment, if the behaviour that caused it does not give any sign of abating? How many people who call themselves Catholic are fine with not only the fornication, but the living in public sin of their own children? How many of them condone or support in some way the homosexual “lifestyle”? How many are of the opinion that abortion can be accepted “in some cases”?

Catholicism is not something that falls on a Catholic’s lap. It must be earned with the desire of proper Catholic shepherds, and with the practice of proper Catholic thinking, in the first place. Why would God give the gift of good and orthodox clergymen and Popes to a Catholic populace which, for the vast past, does not show any desire or appreciation for such a great gift? For the sake of the 3%, or even 7%, of orthodox Catholics still remaining? Possible, for sure. But not very likely, as it would send the message that mass betrayal is all right in very high places.

If you side with V II you are part of the problem, no matter how orthodox you think you are otherwise. V II is the eye of the storm, the epicentre of the earthquake, it is at the very heart of this mess.

It might be the work of many generations before this consciousness is recovered to the Catholic masses. Then, and not before, will sound Catholicism be yearned for again. In my opinion, nothing less will be necessary to deserve the end of God’s wrath against his unfaithful people.

We must look at reality in the face and accept that, in all probability, we will die in a time of faithlessness, and so might a couple of generations after ours. This is, very likely, the lot given to us. We need to persevere to the end, knowing that the immutable Truths of an unchangeable God still run the Universe. Every past generation had a challenge. We have a trickier one than many of them, but we are blessed with a world without famine, pestilence or world wars. We may be the first couple of generations of Catholics with such an appalling lack of guidance. Still, no generation before ours had so many ways to find out what the true religion is and what it demands from us. We have all the instruments to deal with the present crisis from the comfort of our air-conditioned homes. We can collaborate with God’s grace and , in this way, merit salvation just as every generation before us.

We will, very likely, die when atheists and homosexuals run the Church. But as soon as we do, we will discover an unchanged, wonderful, divinely appointed order on the other side, and no amount of antics from the Evil Clown can take our effort away from us.

“Easter Worshippers”

Back from a well-deserved holiday in the Fatherland, I reflect on what has struck me most in the past days in the Catholic world.

It has to be the “Easter worshippers” thing.

More than 300 Christians are massacred on Easter Day by the usual suspects (I think they were Hindus; or perhaps Buddhists; can’t remember well now….). This is, alas, not new. However, in some prominent politicians (I remember Obama very well, I think the Hillary woman too) there was an absolute determination not to mention “Christians” in the same phrase as “victim”, “persecuted” or “killed”.

“Easter worshippers” is the expression they used.

It makes it so generic and at the same time innocuous, you see. It could have been Hanukkah, or Yom Kippur. It takes Christ literally out of the phrase. It does not help to conjure images of persecuted Christians.

Words shape minds. I go back to this again and again because I think that in the way we communicate lies the key to the way we actually think. Words are more than important; they are vital, literally world-shaping.

Christians are being persecuted, largely by Muslims.

There. Do you see the difference with the “Easter worshippers”?


Forget Notre Dame. Catholicism Itself Is Burning.

I am not one who easily believes in conspiracy theories and assorted fantasies, and I am perfectly ready to accept that the fire that almost deprived Civilisation of Notre Dame was accidental, if most certainly caused by negligence here or there (because if you follow security protocol scrupulously, things stay actually secure).

However, to me the fire had a different meaning, one that has been resonating for almost two days now: this fire truly epitomizes the burning of Catholicism in France – where attacks on churches become more frequent – and elsewhere. In a way, it is as if Heaven had decided to send us a very visual warning: this is what will happen to your churches in only one or two generations, unless you react now.

The time is running out, and this generation might be the last one free from an extremely bloody civil war, or from the destiny deserved by cowards: dhimmitude. It might be two, or three generations instead of one, but you get my drift.

Meanwhile, a Country who has elected as his President a man clearly sexually attracted, at some level or other, to his mother, keeps neglecting not only its Catholic heritage, but the threat to its own liberties that is taking shape more and more clearly as years go by. A threat that will, likely, never explode in some coup d’ etat of sort, but rather boil the French democracy very slowly, like a frog. Those who love and understand history can clearly see a movement spanning several generations and lethal for both Western Civilisation and its matrix, Christianity. Those who don’t love or understand history will keep lulling themselves in their dream of pacific coexistence of incompatible systems of values, preparing the bloodbath that is, at some point, going to be the only alternative to surrender.

Forget Notre Dame. Catholicism itself is burning. Not by accident, but by design. And this bonfire will bring suffering on France and Western Europe on a completely different scale than the grief for the feared loss of a wonderful monument.

The Two Faces Of Papal Arrogance

Pope Benedict fleeing. Wolves not in the picture.

I have already written about the arrogance of a man daring to rape the Divinely instituted office he holds for the sake of his self-promotion. Francis is, in term of haughtiness, impossible to surpass.

But there is another type of Papal arrogance I would like to bring to your attention: the arrogance of a Pope who, after abandoning his post, has the almighty gall to tell others what to do when he , himself, was too much of a coward to do anything.

Benedict is certainly less arrogant than Francis – not a difficult feat anyway – but it seems to me that, in a way, he is arrogant twice. His abdication was accompanied by the announcement that he would keep the title. What that meant has become apparent in the following years: I do not want ze responsibility, but I will keep ze title and honour, thank you very much. And to show you how humble I am, I will retire to a life of prayer outside of the limelight. Only, I will actually not do even that, instead releasing my wisdom of Historic Coward to the world every time I feel like it; obviously, praising Pope Francis every single time, lest someone think I am not the gregarious type I always was; though always safe in the knowledge that I know better, ja?

Benedict’s arrogance has been at work for a long time. Gregarious among the revolutionary storm of the Sixties, but pretending to know better even then. Gregarious during the years of JP II, following the latter’s brand of continuation of the V II’s pandering to the world with the veneer of orthodox Catholicism we all know. Gregarious during his Pontificate, as he kept appointing disastrous bishops and cardinals whilst giving us Summorum Pontificum in order to show that he… knows better once again; gregarious to the end when, nonagerian failure and supposed to be now worried about his impending judgment, keeps propping Francis whilst, once again, showing him that….. he knows better.

Francis’ arrogance is the crass behaviour of the boor. Benedict’s arrogance is the vastly more refined attitude of the erudite coward, fully seized of his own intellectual superiority as he avoids any step that puts him in contrast with the mainstream and the authority.

What a great Pope Francis is, says Benedict.

But I am his better in any way, nicht wahr?


Oh So Very ‘Umble Pope Uriah Heep Kisses Feet All Around

Oh so ‘umble

In time before the beginning of Holy Week, the Evil Clown pulls a stunt that makes very humble headlines.

Very much Uriah Heep, the man shows us how ‘umble he is by kissing the feet of everyone around him. This is the man that never genuflects in front of the tabernacle. A worst example of fake modesty and attention whoring has the Papacy never seen.

Once again, and for those who have not paid attention, Francis is telling you – nay: he is shouting to you in the face – that he is an atheist worshipping at the altar of man. There can be – and there is not supposed to be – any other explanation for such bizarre behaviour.

If – quod Deus avertat- this cretin lives for a couple of years longer, I shudder to think what he will do next, whilst stubbornly refusing to genuflect in front of the altar.

You might say that a Pope already kissed a Koran; but I maintain that that Pope was already gaga when he did. This guy here insisted in performing his stupid attention whoring act notwithstanding the embarrassment of the present and the friendly invitation to desist.

Perhaps his was also – besides the attention whoring – another way to belittle and demean the institution of the Papacy; as shown by the countless saintly Popes who, emphatically, never kissed the feet of anyone, much less heathens holding positions of power in extremely corrupt Countries. But those were saintly Popes, and this one here is an evil clown.

I expect now several Cardinals and Bishops to brown-nose the man just as the man brown-noses the world. The real curiosity will be whether there will be any prelate who actually condemns such a shameless act of self-promotion in front of the press. Don’t hold your breath.

The feet of Muslims who allegedly did something for “peace” are worthy of veneration in front of the media. The Tabernacle is not worthy of even a genuflection.

Oh ye of evil disposition, always ready to criticise those who expose the Evil Clown and condemn them as slanderers because the poor man “is too old to genuflect”: you know where you have to go, and you have been accomplices of the antics of this evil man for too long.

Looking Bad

It would appear that the very PR people of the Vatican censor Francis whenever his stupidity becomes too much even for them.

It says here that this has happened twice in the same speech! Francis accusing “rich Europe and America” of fomenting (if memory serves) wars would not go down well with many Catholics, and the stupid downplaying of the Nigerian mafia in Italy because of the Sicilian one is even dumber.

The shocking fact is this: this clown is so unhinged that his words must be hidden from the world.

No, it is not senility, or incipient dementia, taking its toll. It is not arteriosclerosis playing him some trick. It is, as always, the uncontrolled boorishness and arrogance of the guy that prevents him from remaining at least halfway presentable in his utterances.

Every time you think this man has reached the nadir, he surprises you anew. He is now officially an out-of-control firebrand for the people nearest to him. What a sad destiny.

Don’t think he will change. Bar a miracle, it seems clear this man will become worse. The explosive mix of extreme, pent up resentment, great power and age-related moodiness and acidity typical of resentful individuals will give us more of this rubbish.

Laugh at him. Ridicule him. Make him angry, so that he becomes even more childish, even more offensive, even more resentful.

The worse he looks, the better for Catholicism.

Meet Benedict, The Armchair Pope.

You really don’t believe this.

The Pope who – as it is abundantly clear by now – was too weak to do anything against the powerful gay lobby he saw around himself, and preferred to step down (though keeping pomp and title, so as not to be called a Celestine; which he will be called anyway, and will be considered much worse than the original) is about to publish a 6000 word document telling others how to do what he did not have the guts to do himself.   Talk about armchair Pope (Emeritus, of course).

From what has emerged of his document, Benedict commits two huge errors:

1. He fails to point out the deep connection between paedophilia and homosexuality. The linked article does not seem to indicate that he sees any connection between the homosexual scourge plaguing the Church and the paedophile scandals. His main issue is how priests of the Sixties and Seventies reacted to paedophilia, not homosexuality.

2. He keeps living in Benedictopia, a fully unreal place where there is a “good” Vatican II and all that has happened – and was caused exactly by and in the name of Vatican II – is actually some sort of misreading or mistake. He is like a 90 years old communist who keeps blathering about hod good Communism actually was, though Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and all the others were actually quite a misreading of it.

Vatican II was, says Benedict, misunderstood by, actually, the entire Church of Vatican II. That people in this day and age still have the effrontery to try to defend an entire life fought on the wrong side of Christ beggars belief.

Oh, and by the way: there is no indication whatsoever – and how could that be? – that the man may claim for himself any right in conflict with Francis’ position. He is the Emeritus, the “retired Pope”. He talks to the public just in the same way Helmut Schmidt – a man vastly more intelligent than Benedict – gave long interview about Germany’s political situation decades after not being the Kanzler anymore. The difference is that Schmidt was an extremely effective guy, and he could talk the talk because everyone knew that he had walked the walk.

Armchair Pope, this is what Benedict wants to be. He wants to be the man who does not have to actually do anything, but enjoys telling others how to do it right; this, when he himself was in the position to do exactly that and made almost nothing, or very little, and fled before the wolves when the going got rough.    

What a waste of a papacy. What a tragic lack of any awareness of his tragic failure. What a tragic inability to understand simple things about the world around him.

I pray for the guy that the 6000 word document – apparently published with the knowledge and consent of Pope Francis – does not have any fawning remark about Francis’ Pontificate; something, this, that Benedict did at least twice in the past and about which I reported. It would be the height of mockery if, just as he tells us how to do it right, the man would keep praising the man who is the very embodiment of doing it all wrong, and who came to his position thanks to the cowardice of Benedict himself.

From the article:

“Why did pedophilia reach such proportions?” he asks. “Ultimately, the reason is the absence of God.”

See? Homosexuality is no issue at all here. The problem is the “absence of God”.

What a convenient retreat from reality! There’s Benedict entire life hidden, or rather exposed,  here.

I think the Devil scored a good couple with these two. Francis is the faithless church-wrecker. Benedict is the more refined, more deeply thinking Church wrecker in slow motion; with a lot more profoundness of wrong thought, a penchant to tell others what he did not do himself, and clearly zero balls.

The life in seclusion and prayer at least had something going for it: a semblance of dignity, and perhaps the illusion that he might actually be disapproving of Francis. But by speaking on several occasions (this one is, to my count, at least the third) Benedict showed once again that he will die being remembered for his completely waster life and Pontificate, plus Summorum Pontificum.

Francis is the bubo of V II, exploded. Benedict is the bubo of V II growing and, so to speak, still talking.





Pity The Nincompoop

The appointment of Wilson Gregory to the extremely prestigious and powerful Archdocese of Washington, DC is, I fear, misunderstood.

I have followed the antics of the Evil Clown for more than six years now, and what I can clearly see is that there is no strategy in him, no depth of thought however evil, nothing resembling a brilliant mind.

Arrogance, stupidity and spite. These are the main motivators of Francis’ behaviour.

He is not playing any sort of homo 3d chess. He is not weighing the power of the homo lobby against the ravaging of his Pontificate that very homo lobby has caused. He is not pursuing any sort of complex, long-term strategy.

He is spitting us in the face, pure and simple.

Relentlessly criticised for the powerful homos he has surrounded himself with, an intelligent man would, eve if moved by the wrong intentions, pay attention that he protects the appearances.

Francis is not intelligent, he is stupid and childish. He is not reflective, he is impulsive and vindictive. His penchant for provocations of the sort is his typical way to give you the finger, and he frankly seems to get worse with age.

Pity the nincompoop, burying his disgraceful Pontificate out of his boundless stupidity and childishness. And pity Gregory, too; a man (provided the noun applies to such a one) who might well live long enough to end up defrocked, smashed on the street and forced to beg for his bread, if sanity goes back before he enters the grave.



The new Apostolic Excrementation on “youf” is out, and I have avoided it studiously.

I might find more Catholicism in Che Guevara’s diary.

I am also informed the stuff is 35000 words long, once again showing that Francis loves to hide his stellar ignorance and boorishness by ordering to his scribes to make his heresies endlessly long.

When I was growing up, my Country was full of giovanilismo, the empty rhetoric about the youth being all that is best in society (and, of course, utter rubbish). The ideology was pushed primarily by the Communist Party, firstly because the young were more leftist and secondly because the rhetoric lent itself well to subversion.

Francis, who is stuck in the Seventies, clearly still thinks in the same way. Youf here, youf there, make a mess, and such stuff.

Ignore the nincompoop. The excrement he produces is involuntarily Catholic on rare occasions, and voluntarily heretical, atheistic, protocommunist and generally subversive of everything that is Christian at all other times.

We ignore this disgraceful Pope, refuse to give him obedience in everything that is not strictly Catholic and – the Cardinals and Bishops being a bunch of cowards – wait that the old, lewd man stretches his paws and goes to his judgment.

Start praying very hard now that Francis might, one day, be seen as the peak of V II decay before a slow and painful, but in the end unavoidable restoration of sanity.


Toxic Effeminacy

You see them more and more often now. On lifts, buses, trains. Queuing at the till. Talking to each other as they walk.

Sissified men.

Their gesture, their tone; the way they walk, their posture when they stand. The way they cross their legs, chastely protecting an imaginary vagina, when they sit on the underground. Their clothes, with those ridiculous tubular trousers, three inches too short, that say “I am making an effort to look unthreatening”.

They can’t be all inverted.

There is a sub-cultural poison going around that is threatening the very bone marrow of this Country. I blame the explosion of “single motherhood” (once upon a time, called “bastardhood “) , that causes millions of boys to grow up without the army of men around him with whom every child growing up in my generation had constant contact. Not only this causes a lack of manhood models; it also causes these boys to absorb, in lesser or greater way, the ways of their mothers. Not only, mind, the mannerisms and the tones, or the posture; but also, and even more tragically, the entire attitude, then a woman raising a child without the benefit of a man around her – her occasional bed companions obviously not counted – will likely, without the influence of dominant males around her, abandon herself to tidal waves of passive -aggressiveness, turbocharged nagging and steroid-enhanced general bitchiness.

It takes men in the family to teach a woman to be the sweet creature she was born to be, then men and women mutually enhance each other in the complementarity of the Divine plan. Take half of this away, and the imbalance will be all too evident even in the passing contact caused by, say, a ten-second shared lift ride.

Traditional family arrangements work because they are God-given. Non-traditional ones fail because they are the product of a rebellion to the God-given order. The dismemberment and deformation of the family, down to its very nucleus, will forcibly produce an army of psychologically damaged individuals, unable to be what God made them to be: real, strong men and real, sweet women.

When sanity comes back, this will adjust automatically, if certainly slowly. But we will need a major Divine intervention or a big shakeup of the present societal system, because you can be pretty damn sure these sissified men have no problem at all with births out of wedlock or even so-called “gay marriage”. And they will carry their effeminate attitude straight to the voting booth.

Next time you see one of these sissies protect their imaginary vaginas on the bus, spread your legs a little bit wider. Who knows, some subliminal message might start to creep in inside the poor guy’s head.


50 Years of Satanic Sabotage

The New Mass is 50 years old today.

This obscene, satanic deformation of the Mass is the fruit of the mentality – obscene and satanic itself – that wanted to renew what had always worked so well up to then; as if we were in need of a new Mass like we might like a new car or a new toaster.

50 years later, the results of the sabotage are under everybody’s eyes. The loss of the sacredness of the Mass created a general loss of religious feeling. The childish antics going on now have destroyed the sense of sacredness and – just as important – authority. 50 years later, most Catholics think it normal that they get to decide what is right or wrong of what the Church believes. The sense of sin has gone pretty much entirely away, substituted by the fuzzy feeling of believing that God will forgive them everything and give them an express ticket to heaven because they lurv.

All this mess starts from the sabotage of the Mass, and this in turn originated from the will to sabotage Christ’s Church. Francis is a typical representative of this age, albeit a very evil one. He just hates Catholicism and the Church, which did not prevent him from scrounging from Her all his damn wasted life.

Make no mistake, there was no innocence in this. It was a planned act of sabotage perpetrated by evil men who hated everything the Church is and represents; many of them because homosexuals or actual sodomites, many others because they had lost the Faith, if they ever had it, and felt fine with a comfortable existence on the side of the world and its conformism, errors and prejudices.

The New Mass has to die, and to be remembered only for the atrocious, impious act of rebellion it is.

No surprise that the Pope who signed for this evil has been canonized by the evil forces behind this diabolic movement.


The Age Of The Clowns

This year, I was in serious difficulties in the choice of my April Fool’s post. I want my April Fool’s to be outlandish, but not entirely absurd. Not an easy thing to do if our Pope is called Francis.

Francis had made of absurdity a daily event. He has instaured a Bizarro Papacy where the Pope does and say exactly the contrary of what a Pope should do. Your irony can easily be overtaken by reality.

Something of the sort happened, in fact, yesterday, though I am sure the Evil Clown did not mean it as an April Fool. The guy literally went to the boundary between Morocco and Spain and… decried the existence of barriers at the boundary! The man who lives surrounded by the Leonine Walls, themselves surrounded by the Aurelian Walls.

A post like that – describing the one-world antics of a Pope – would have been a very nice April Fool in normal times, but it was actual headlines in the Age of The Clowns: a time in which a Pope, a so-called Dalai Lama, and a so-called Archbishop of Canterbury compete with each other on who is most outrageous.

Pity the poor sods, because they know what they are doing.


The Card-Holding Commie Pope




The news (published first, I am told, in the Chinese version of the Chinese press agency Xinhua, but now also in the English one) that the Communist Chinese Party has offered Francis a membership card, which Francis has accepted, is as shocking as it is, in fact, expected. In a sense, it is not shocking only because we have a shocking Pope.

Pope Francis is now, quite officially, a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

Let that sink in.

Of course, the Vatican was ready to point out that this does not mean that Francis has now converted to Communism. The acceptance, they say, is a gesture of “friendship” towards the Chinese regime, and was made in a spirit of “understanding among people and nations”, even if “differences” remain. I also note that the Vatican press release praises, and I quote,

“the efforts of the Chinese Government to battle poverty and inequality”.

Forget for a moment the PC word, “inequaliteee”. Focus on this: the Vatican praises a Communist regime for being… Communist. I never thought I’d see the day… until 2013, that is.

Well, it is not news that Francis is a bloody Commie, and I am sure many of my readers aren’t really that surprised. What is more alarming (but also in this case, has already been seen: remember the “Commie Crucifix”?) is that Francis’ stunts become more and more outlandish, and are then only thinly veiled with a press release stating “oh, we do this just to be nice”.

Nice, my foot.

Bloody Commie you and they.

And now I’ll stop because the doctor said I should keep an eye on my blood pressure.


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