Symphaty For The Devil

And it came to pass the late, notorious Cardinal Bernardin might have been not only a through-and-through bastard (we knew that already) but a Satanist to boot.

Shocking, uh?

But…. is it?

The betrayal of Christ implicit in every word of these social justice warriors, apostles of “peace” and seamless garment bigots is a massive, self-evident one. It is a betrayal every single one of them must certainly be aware of. Why should it be so absurd that this betrayal stems from real hatred of Christ?

Also, think this: many of these social justice apostles are homosexuals. I fact, I have often maintained that pacifism, environmentalism, social justice activism and the like are a very good indication that the religious in question is a sodomite, because the loss of faithfulness to Christ and the sense of his own disgusting hypocrisy forces him to find self dignity and purpose in something completely detached from Him, something popular with the world and apt to make him look good by it. From utter betrayal of Christ to worship of Satan the step is, particularly for a religious, not such a terribly long one.

Let us, then, reflect on a wider, more disquieting fact.

Bernardin was made bishop by Paul The Weak, and Cardinal by John Paul The Earth Kisser. How many like him might he have helped to become bishops and cardinals? How many bishops and cardinals are today, like he was before, seamless garment subversives with a penchant for Satan?

Could one of them have actually become…. the Pope?

Not saying it has to be so. It will likely not be so. But I struggle to see fundamental differences between Bernardin and Bergoglio. Therefore, it is not beyond the pale that the hatred for Christ both very obviously harbor(ed) might have reach that level of hatred.

Shocking, I know.

Like V II is shocking, and has been from the very start.

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  1. We are likely only beginning to scratch the surface of understanding how evil these men are.

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