Pope Eco Loon Plants A Tree

I was very pleased to read that the Evil Clown will symbolically plant a tree to show how very ecological he is etc. Etc.

This kind of cheap, cheesy PR stunts will damage him among Catholics and, by being praised by the wrong crowd, will help even those who are still not red pilled yet (and boy, they are late!) to finally understand what is going on.

Religious should never try to emulate politicians. When they do, they unavoidably damage themselves in the long run for the fleeting satisfaction of the headlines in the short term. The eco warrior in cassock, or priestly suit, is the perfect image of the guy who just doesn’t get it. All those who are more interested in salvation than in the next tree (broadly speaking, they should coincide with the Elect) will immediately feel that all this is as off as last month’s carrots. The eco loons (many of them, assuredly, Reprobates) will immediately embrace the stuff or, in case, criticise it because not looney enough, thus further alerting the first group as to the kind of people the Evil Clown is stupidly trying to court.

Francis does not get this because, having no faith, he is unable to even imagine how the brains of the faithful work. To him, vacuous slogans and an empty search for popularity is all there is, whilst his obvious hatred for the Church makes his stupidity more fun, at least for as long as he lives.

I hope the guy keeps planting trees, starts going to the funeral of glaciers and publicly invites teenager to not go to school in order to aggrandize him. The wrong crowd will be delighted, but the people who count will be terrified.

Keep planting trees, Frankie boy.

Show everybody what a joke you are.

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  1. Do not eat any fruit off this tree.

  2. Well said Mundabor.
    I remember once at an AA meeting one of the participants said that his God (Higher Power) was a tree. Maybe Francis feels the same way.

  3. Can you be any more ‘of this world’ than Pope Materialism? Where is that mug shot…it should be constantly shown.

  4. Billy Chickens

    I hope that tree dies. Francis had dirt from the Amazon imported to Italy to plant the tree with. How did that dirt get past customs? Did it get flown in on the Pope’s plane, therefore never inspected? That soil is indigenous to the Amazon, not Europe. How does Francis know that the dirt doesn’t have insects that will make the Vatican gardens as disease ridden as Francis’ theology?

  5. God is awesome that “Che” and his gang continuously being revealed that their evil NWO’s agenda to destroy Jesus only Church and aiding kingdom of hell instead of doing God’s works to protect and lead souls to heaven. Like their fallen angels they acquire a vast knowledges that know how to make people killing each other such as abortion, murders, wars etc., and to lure people into the abyss of fire, but they have lost their wisdom totally when they bring Creator down to the level of creation. Nature (tree) is not even intelligent being. Demolition phase is in work now and RCC rebuilding is ready.

  6. Joseph D'Hippolito

    Francis planting a tree reminds me of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and other dictators performing physical labor to show their “solidarity” with the “common man.”

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