Apocalypse (Not Quite) Now

The notorious Savagery Synod has just started, and it is already abundantly clear what its leitmotiv is going to be: the attempt at remaking the Church – to what extent remains to be seen – according to a mythical will of the Holy Ghost, of which the Evil Clown is the only interpreter and intermediary.

Francis is playing a sort of modern, very fat, extremely cantankerous sybilla, and we have to bow to the inspiration he receives, or else.

Without me, you damn idiot.

The recent announcement that the Vatican deficit is double than expected seems to indicate that my sentiments are shared by a growing number of Italian – and, no doubt, foreign – Catholics who, tired with the antics of this evil old man, have decided to deny the Church the amount of their tax bill for which they can choose the destination. A wonderful irony, this one, because the modern system of choice between earmarking a part of one’s bill either for the Church or for state-sponsored activities is a result of the Church losing – by express will and with explicit consent of the V II Church, with John Paul The Tarmac Kisser not so happily reigning – Her status of State Religion.

And so we have the pathetic spectacle of an old nincompoop who, out of sheer hatred for the Church, wants to demolish as much of her as he can before he stretches his paws as he sinks more and more into irrelevance. Newsflash: he will fail.

Catholics will remain Catholic, though it is fair to assume that God’s Providence will provide for a great number of Reprobates in the years and decades to come. There is no amount of antics that can persuade a person with his heart in the right place, and a modicum of fear of the Lord, that God has suddenly changed, and in fact it takes a disingenuousness and self-deception of gigantic proportions to even conceive an absurd monstrosity like this one. But hey, there is no scarcity of perverts, fornicators, perverts, atheists, cowards, perverts and perverts among our Prelates, the Press and the so-called “progressive catholics”: they will be Francis’ main audience, and he will die with their effeminate applause in his ears.

This Amazon Synod is an opportunity – allowed by Providence – for countless Pollyannas to do something serious for their salvation and finally choose Christ over this sad excuse of a Pope.

I suggest that you don’t lose sleep over this. Prepare yourself for robust discussions with prayer and penance, instructing and refreshing yourself with good Catholic knowledge. But don’t let this cretin cloud your serenity.

I used to spend uneasy, or outright sleepless nights because of Francis. Garrigou-Lagrange’s “Providence” put an end to that.

Be in good spirit. The Apocalypse will, one day, befall Francis and his ilk. We will, however, live and die Catholic, and may our prayers help us, with God’s grace, on our way to Salvation.

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  1. John J. Marren, Jr.

    Hey Mundy,

    Did you know that JPii’s doctrinal thesis was rejected by Father Garrigou LaGrange???

    Fr. Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange was John Paul II’s thesis advisor. He rejected JPII’s thesis because Wojtła had a subjectivist (i.e., Modernist) understanding of divine revelation. Fr. G.-L. notated on the manuscript that he should’ve used the word “divine object” of God. Weigel p. 86-87:
    In his review of the dissertation, Garrigou criticized Wojtyła for not using the phrase “divine object” of God. One assumes that this was an issue between dissertation director and student during the preparation of the dissertation and that Garrigou did not persuade Wojtyła of his point. Whatever the process involved, the fact remains that, in his insistence on not treating God as a divine “object,” even by way of analogy, Wojtyła was moving beyond the vocabulary, formulas, and intellectual categories that dominated the Angelicum during his two years there.
    Fr. Luigi Villa, who was appointed by Pope Pius XII to study Freemasonry and by St. Padre Pio to document the writings of the neo-modernists, said this in his John Paul II Beatified? p. 7:
    1948 (June 14) Took the admission examination for his Ph.D. Cardinal Sapieha sent him to Rome to continue his studies at the Angelicum. But there was, at that time, as Rector of the university, the great theologian and writer Father Garrigou-Lagrange, who was a giant on Thomism. Wojtyla, not being a member of that teaching, was following the philosophy that he wanted, that of existentialism, the modern type of Kant. Therefore, his dissertation, “Faith according to St. John of the Cross,” was criticized and rejected by Lagrange, because it supported the ideas of the Modernists who claimed that Faith is based on personal experience. For this, Wojtyla was not accepted for the doctorate and he had to return to the University of Krakow, where there he was accepted

  2. You are always so helpful at a time when many Catholic’s might want to say what Flannery O’Connor said when told the Eucharist is just a symbol, “If it’s just a symbol, the hell with it”.
    Today “Pope” is just a symbol, a false Pope, a usurper inspired by the devil. We must realize that God knew about Francis from the beginning of time and He is letting him have evil his way for awhile. Maybe this is a test of our faith which we must maintain despite the temptation to abandon it.

    Helpful in all of this is Mundabor’s suggestion to read Garrigou-Lagrange’s “Providence”.
    Here is an excerpt.

  3. Mundabor I believe you are correct, he’s making Catholics a lot more hard core group than we were previously. Every day we get more resolve, and literally grow more Catholic in our intentions. He’s leading souls to perdition, and this is heartbreaking, but he’s toughening up the old guard and the new guard. The faithful Catholic can put him in perspective, he’s made it clear, he’s a destroyer and he’s going to lay total waste to the church because he can. Already we’ve seen demon worship in the garden with his stingy blessing and now, the cassocks have been “put away” with applause by the absolutely stinking Cardinals present.
    He cannot wreck Catholicism in total. He’s trying, but Catholics will dig in, and God will never allow it. It’s time to find the Traditional Latin Mass even if one can only attend once a month. Purchase a St. Joseph’s or comparable missal with Latin on one side and English on the other. The TLM is a balm for the soul, one hour of peace in a mad, mad world, an oasis of sanity. Find it friends, and worship God as God intended.
    Every day we wonder, is this the day the Lord will answer them? Any day could be the day.
    It may be tomorrow, it may not be, but God will answer.

  4. catholictradition2

    It is all a sham, for the results have been decided long ago. The so-called synod is an exercise in testi g the waters to see how much they can get away with for now.

  5. Thanks for the very needed (calmer downer) words of inspiration. We all need to ‘pray, hope, and don’t worry’ as Padre Pio once wisely said.

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