I have just seen a moving picture, and I would like to share it with you.

The link to the article is here.

Look at our beloved Francis, basking in the warm support of Reverend Gonzalo Aemilius, his new secretary.

The Reverent is impeccably dressed as a priest, in a traditional cassock and – to show reverence to Francis – dark brown shoes. But just because he is so impeccably dressed, you don’t need to think that he is a desk man; a boring, cold apparatchik, who loves to work in some obscure bureaucracy role. No!

This man has worked with “street kids” in – I suppose – the streets of Uruguay. This is sooo good!!

I invite the readers of this blog – who all know better than to be judgemental about our Sweet Peter on earth – to reflect that, whilst some priests working with “street kids” in the poor quarters of Buenos Aires, and knows as curas villeros, could, according to several reports, use their position to seriously abuse vulnerable poor children, the same can certainly not be told of Uruguayan religious working with the same street kids. We all know that Uruguay is different, and no priest would, over there, ever try to use his role to engage in homosexual acts with children and minors,  away from the eyes of his bishop, or from the scrutiny of decent faithful.

Rather, please focus on the posture and attitude of the cassock-wearing priest. His warm, smiling attitude is indicative of full support, both physical and spiritual, offered to the Holy Father.

Francis, who is seen almost giggling, and clearly enjoying his little, innocent “magic moment”, understands the spiritual vicinity of the Reverend, and signifies by his expression all his satisfaction at this budding bromance.

Oh, how many battles will be fought together! How many discussions about the many qualities of the street kids will be held! How many fashion tips will be exchanged!

Pope Francis The Humble has been such a gift for the Church.

It is beautiful to see that he is, now, also in almost direct contact with street kids.

I think that soon after his departure, he will be canonised by the new Pope. Particularly, if the latter turns out – as we all hope – to be a progressive like Tagle, or Cupich, who both understand what the church needs to remain relevant in the XXI Century.

Please look at the picture again.

That smile!

Isn’t he so, so very happy?





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  1. Mundy,dont be harsh on The Bergoglio he justs loves smiling effeminate men.God made them that way…

  2. I do believe that is a smile of enjoyment. Over the years, hasn’t it been pretty obvious there is a sense of satisfaction about pushing our noses into the dirt. I think the weird circuses are in the same vein, to see the pope and hierarchy sitting there while odd and frankly vulgar physical maneuvers are contorted in front of them, almost nude men, women, boys, and girls. But they keep having them, don’t they, even though the optics are awful. They know it. No one is that stupid. They are flaunting their effeminacy and homosexuality, knowing, there is not a thing we can do about it. And the men who could, won’t.

  3. It does not appear that “frankie the papa” is about to slap the hand that is carressing his.

  4. Francis looks positively euphoric in the company of his new, young secretary. Father Uraguay need not fear having his hand slapped away like the unwanted touch of that poor Chinese lady (females need not apply for Francis’ attention).

  5. In your line of work if, during a photo opp, there were the least suspicion of ‘misbehavior’, wouldn’t you be on your guard to avoid ALL appearances of questionable behavior? But no. They are in absolutely no fear of being held accountable. Their guardian angels must be crying over this display.

  6. Joseph D'Hippolito

    Wouldn’t Fr. Aemilius be more valuable working with “street kids” than acting as papal secretary? I mean, if Francis truly cares as much for the “sheep” as much as he claims, he wouldn’t have made this appointment in the first place. Yet that’s precisely the point. This appointment was designed to show off Francis’ ostensible connection to “the poor.” It’s essentially no different than the Pharisees blowing horns to announce their charity.

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