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Chaos On The Roads

The holy farter, aka Evil Clown, has now instituted a yearly “Bible Day” in order to appear…Protestant, with the argument that too many Bibles in Catholic households collect dust. All of it , obviously mixed with usual claptrap about rediscovering the freshness and the surprise of the Bible, and you see oncd again whiff of that heretical “spirit” behind all that Francis does.

It would certainly be good to read the Bible in well-instructed Catholic households, as they would naturally read the text in the proper way and constantly use their knowledge as a compass in their navigation of the texts. However, this haphazard “let’s read the Bible” from not properly instructed Catholics can too easily become a buffet, from which the uninformed believer extracts exactly what he likes, without putting it in the proper context. This would be very dangerous because, as we all know, even the devil can quote from the Bible.

The same mentality lurks every time someone says that we need to “discover” the message of the Bible.

Look, pal: the message is well known, it has been there for two thousand years, and it is not what you hoped it would be.

Francis and his ilk want to fundamentally transform Catholicism and plunge it into utter chaos. The modifications to the catechisms are one way of doing it. The invitation to just ignore the doctrine and jump straight to the sacred texts is another.

And then there is this Protestant attitude emerging. This undercurrent of “It’s me and my buddy, Jesus, alone”. Doesn’t it match beautifully with the “discernment” of the adulterers as to whether they should receive?

It does not work that way.

The depositum fidei comes first. Sacred scriptures are read in the sense given to them by the depositum fidei. The Church was there before the New Testament. The Church decided what constitutes the New Testament. There is a logical succession and ranking between them.

Francis want people to drive, who have forgotten the Highway Code.

This is exactly the attitude of the one who wants chaos on the roads.

And he is supposed to be Catholic, for crying out loud.

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