Choosing Trannies Over Christ.

NCR’s new god.

Huge pile of rubbish from the ncr today. I am afraid you will have to click because I don’t have the time to give you the whole story.

Let us forget the reprehensible behaviour of the deacon, who was unable to be man enough to refuse the usual abject apology, therefore projecting himself into the stratosphere of Catholic Betadom.

Let us focus on the “empathetic trannie” instead.

At NCR, evidently, nobody finds strange that a trannie would identify as such and claim allegiance to the Catholic faith. They are utterly unable to see the rebellion that all these perverted “identifications” automatically entail. Being a member of the heathenish Church of Nice, at NCR they merely report, of said trannie, his being a (and I quote) “gentle, empathetic, compassionate person”.

In their complete lack of charity and Christian spirit, NCR even as much as praises (though this is not said explicitly) the reaction of said empathetic trannie to the interfaggot massacre in Colorado. That the words used by the trannie (“being LGBT hurts”) to comment the interfaggot massacre further confirm the man’s identification with his own perversion and, therefore, the rebellion to Christ that the words clearly mean is not commented with a single word. The trannie is right, the (lame) deacon is wrong.

This is not even Christianity anymore. This is siding with Satan in the name of niceness. What does the trannie (and his enablers) think, that he has been treated cruelly by God? That Christ had fun in making a woman be born with a “little friend”? That there has been an assemblage mistake in his mother’s womb?

Now, this guy is (as they all are) depressed and suicidal. Would not Christian charity command that he is helped to get out of his degeneracy, instead of being confirmed in it? And what is the (lame) comment of the deacon doing, but telling the guy that a life of such great sin, such open rebellion to Christ’s order, will be a life of great suffering? Heck, this is basic stuff. It’s something told to children. It’s quite incontrovertible.

Of course, the deacon could have said it better. Of course, the deacon could have pointed out that if trannie thinks that being a pervert on earth hurts, he needs to reflect on how much it hurts being a trannie in hell. Still, one thing is clear: one part is, clumsily, trying to save this soul; the other is helping him to go to hell with the high speed train.

Let me say it once again: this is not even Christianity anymore. This is a perversion of God’s rules to “include” the perverts rebelling to them.

Inclusion is the new golden calf. But those adoring at its altar do not build new temples. They are among us, call themselves Catholic, and demand that we apologise for offending their religion.

If these are his friend, the most probable outcome for the perverted man is the usual one: suicide, followed by hell.

I wonder how many at NCR will, one day, find themselves in the same company.

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  1. In his book, “Liberalism is a sin”, Fr. Sarda y Silvany says that the worst type of liberal is the one who, in the name of “charity” wants to accept everything, because its not charitable to correct those in error. These are the worst liberals, because they reject the eternal in favor of the temporal, while at the same time, leading others astray. Things haven’t changed in 130 years.

  2. Joseph D'hippolito

    A few points:

    1. This is what social media does. It encourages shoot-from-the-hip declarations and obnoxious virtue signaling from all sides. It’s a pit of narcissism on the level of the Lake of Fire. The good deacon’s orthodox views notwithstanding, he would have been better off not saying anything, especially since corporate leadership will act in a reflexively protective manner to *anything* on social media. That’s what you saw in Oakland.

    2. I’ve dealt with Mary Pezzulo personally. She counts herself among the “wokest” of the “woke” Catholics. She’s also incredibly evil. She accused me and others of anti-Semitic rape fantasies or encouraging murder when challenged on her or her friends’ positions, and harassed me to the point where I sent cease-and-desist orders. Her eternal destiny is so certain that Vegas and William Hill won’t take bets on it.

    3. Now you know why the “woke” are having conniption fits about Elon Musk. Twitter and other social media are their little playthings, and the satanic sociopaths resent anybody challenging or question how they use those playthings.

  3. “This is not even Christianity anymore. This is siding with Satan in the name of niceness.”
    Exactly so. Thank you, Mr. Mundabor

  4. Archbishop Fulton Sheen warned about the “False Compassion” that was “gradually growing” back in the 1950’s on his show.

  5. Joseph D'hippolito

    M, I know I already commented on this thread but if you want me to send you anything on “MP,” please let me know how I can get it to you.

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