“Gli Uomini Non Guardano Il Cielo”: The Only Film About St. Pius X

I receive from reader “Papapiusdecimus” (whom I thank from the heart for the kind words) an extremely interesting link, published above. 

This appears to be the only film ever made about the great pope St. Pius X. Googling around, the year of production appears to be 1951. De Gasperi was Prime Minister, and Pius XII was Pope. A dream team by any standard of today, and probably of any day.

The names involved in the production of this movie make clear, even before seeing it , this is a quality production.

Unfortunately, this is youtube format, and no subtitles.

It appears the movie was also dubbed in English, title “The Secret Conclave”.

Those of you who have Netflix might be able to see it, says here. Please can someone of my readers with Netflix subscription let me know if this is available.

If any reader can indicate where they might be found this would be wonderful, but of course I understand this must be nearly impossible. I will try to discover whether the film was dubbed in other languages (French perhaps? Or maybe Spanish? They were Christian countries back then… ).

I will try to have the thing downloaded on a USB key and put on my TV. I doubt very much the quality will be satisfying, but I want to say it after I have tried.

Those of you who don’t understand the language will, I am sure, at least enjoy its beautiful sound.. 😉

Please do not forget three Hail Mary for our good reader Papapiusdecimus, who – I think – deserves them entirely. 


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  1. It seems netflix does not have this movie. Nor can I find it for sale anywhere. If anyone knows where I can purchase the movie The Secret Conclave, please respond.

  2. Mundabor,
    Thank you for posting this film on your blog. Pius the Great, He of any of the modern popes is deserving of this title, is my chosen patron and protector. Spreading devotion to this very holy and humble successor of St Peter is part of my growing in devotion to him. He is the perfect intercessor for these very confusing times. I’ve posted this on fisheaters and I hope other blogs will pick it up so more people can grow in love and admiration for this great saint, the Scourge of Modernists, as I affectionately refer to him. God and Mary be with you.
    Yours devotedly in the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

    • Post away, PPD, post away!

      There is no reason why other blogs should not accept the invitation. You find several of those on my right hand column.

      Thanks again for your work!


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