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The Works Of Ignorance

The intrepid Pontiff has given us another example of his half-childish, half-socialist mentality.

Speaking about the works of mercy, the Pontiff has conveniently omitted to remind his audience of the fact that there are not only corporal, but also spiritual works of mercy; of which some, like “instruct the ignorant, “admonish the sinner” and “counsel the doubtful” are so accurately avoided in this pontificate that one wonders whether the old man is aware of their existence in the first place. Unless, of course, admonish the sinner would mean, for him, making the Traditionalist aware of the grave sin of loving Catholicism, and so on.

The problem, though, does not stop here. It seems that everything that does not reek of call for redistribution does not appear in Francis' radar. You will, for example, not see him embarking in a, erm, crusade in favour of that very endangered work of mercy: to bury the dead. You won't, because it smells of Catholicism, and Francis simply doesn't like Catholicism. But give him an excuse whatsoever to plead for more Socialism, and he will embrace it with enthusiasm whenever he is not writing he a stupid, anti-Catholic and anti-Capitalist apostolic exhortation.

A three years old who thinks himself wise has become Pope; or, alternatively, an evil man caring only for his own popularity.

One of the works so mercy is to bear injustice patiently. There's no doubt we are been trained strongly in that.


Boycott “Gay” Barilla

Mundabor's Blog

Punish the fag. So gay: Guido Barilla

Guido Barilla just gave us a wonderful example of stupidity and cowardice united in the same person.

First he gives an interview in which he says Barilla is for the traditional family and faggots are welcome to buy their pasta somewhere else; when the latter predictably get screeching like it’s going out of fashion, he backpedals in such a furious and shameful way you wonder if he isn’t one of them himself. 

This is so gay.

One can one be so stupid that he does not understand that these days if you say a word against the Gaystapo you must expect retaliation, at least in words. How can he be so shameless that he does not understand he will look like the French army in 1940. How can he, most of all, be such an hypocrite as to first try to play the “family” card and…

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Paving The Way For Anarchy?

Mundabor's Blog

It is, as always, difficult to know what generic affirmations really mean – better said: you know what they mean; you do not know to what extent the intent will become concrete action – but if what is brewing is what is hinted at in this “Homograph” article, we are in for a mess on a planetary scale.

The core is issue is the one described below:

“Cardinal Maradiaga is hinting that the Pope is asking the fundamental question: What can be decided in Rome and what at local level? How can the Roman Curia serve bishops instead of being an office of censure and control?”

Note the two concepts:

1. The Roman curia should “serve” the Bishops. I thought the Roman Curia should control them and pay attention that they transmit the faith whole. A huge shift of power might be taking place here, with the dioceses making…

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Beware Of The Obese Wolves

I do not know if it a case of solidarity among gluttons, but you can read around – if you visit the wrong places; which at times I must do so you don’t have to – that some bloggers will have no problem whatsoever in hypocritically and blasphemously comparing Cardinal Dolan with Our Lord. May He have mercy on them if they die unrepentant; though honestly I don’t think he would.

The fashionable way to adress the clergy’s prostitution to the modern fashion concerning sexual perversion is, nowadays, to say that as Jesus sent away the adulteress commanding her to sin no more, Cardinal Dolan is miraculously authorised to be a willing promoter and accomplice of sexual perversion.

These people simply pretend that Jesus went around participating in Jewish festivals enriched by the presence of the Jewish Whores Association, or hosting the banner of the Child Scandalisers Of Jerusalem, or supporting the presence of the Getsemane Section of the Sodomy Awareness Group. It truly is beyond belief how we are deemed so stupid that we should now throw out of the window a 2,000 years’ old understanding of what is scandal and complicity with sin, and substitute it with a new “hermeneutic of faggotry” according to which as Jesus ate with sinners – of course he did; we are all sinners – everything must now be allowed to everyone, and there’s no scandal a Cardinal is called to condemn.

We are also informed the adulteress of the Gospel probably went around slutting it again; this, after a life-changing encounters with Jesus who has just saved her from a very concrete risk of death, and which must have been the greatest shock and spiritual experience of her life at the same time; this, of course, supposing the adulteress was not Mary Magdalene herself, a thesis that does not persuade me anyway. Still: Magdalene or no Magdalene, one truly wonders about the workings of certain people’s mind.

It needs a highly secularised person with a great attachment to sin and a low level aversion to adultery to not understand that Jesus’ presence must have been awe-inspiring, towering above everyone else’s, and life-changing for very many. Particularly so, when the life-changing encounters involves a huge sin.

Jesus’ magnetism, and the extremely deep impression he made on people is so frequent in the Gospel, that the assumption that an almost executed adulteress would very probably happily go on whoring after hearing from Jesus’ very mouth the command “go and sin no more” indicates a truly disquieting mentality. Would you invite for lunch a woman telling you with a smirk, between the pasta (double portion) and the roasted lamb (triple): “oh well, the woman almost certainly went on to sample other men…( and can you pass the potatoes, please?)”.

The modern wolves have no respect for anything. Jesus himself must be depicted as the prostitute to popular opinion they have reduces themselves to.

Do you want another example? Jesus does not “shame” the adulteress, we are informed. Doesn’t he? Really? Has he affirmed her sexual tendency, then? Has he said to her “hey, it’s complicated”? Has he said to her “perhaps you’re going through a complex emotional phase?”. No, he hasn’t. The sin is there, very square and very public. Not with one word Jesus belittles or relativises what is for everyone to see, under the sun, and punished with death. In addition, Our Lord very imperiously commands her to immediately and definitely cease behaving that way! Sheesh. I wonder how stupid must a reader be, in order to swallow the fat lies of these wolves…

Beware of the obese wolves; of which as I write I have two in mind, of either sex. Beware of commercial “small c” catholic sites whose only aim is to tell people what they are already thinking, and reinforce them in every error; timorous of letting readership – and therefore, kar-ching – go if they were to challenge the modern “inclusiveness” fashion. Beware of this new habit of bending Jesus to every fashion and every perversion, construing his behaviour as the exact contrary of how it has been seen these last two thousand years. These people are of the devil, and he tries to seduce you with soothing words through them.

These small “c” catholic sites are made for people who live in ideological opposition to Christian values, and look for a validation of their revolt. Not simple sinners – we all are it – who still upheld Catholic values and have the fear of the Lord; but adulterers who want to be affirmed in their adultery, perverts who want to be affirmed in their perversion, and cowards looking for excuses to have a conflict-free life.

Beware of the obese wolves.



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