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Moved By The Devil

Not for the first time, today I got the impression the off-the-cuff statements of the Unholy Father are fuelled by the fruit of the grape, because the “spontaneity” of his statements is so pregnant of consequences that one can only suppose a sober man would think twice before pronouncing them. Particularly if this man is in charge of the Church.

This time, Francis compares – in an unspoken, but clear enough way – himself and those who don’t know jack about doctrine but are “moved by the Spirit” to those properly educated clergymen who, being fit in matters of Truth, keep harassing him with their obnoxious remarks and their attempt to block his Glorious March Of Mercy.

How peeved the Unholy Father is can clearly be seen at the way with which he seems to correct previous “unjudgmental” remarks of him, as he points out that if one is moved by the Spirit, then no one can judge him, but he can judge everything.

The stupidity of this train of thoughts is evident: everyone who deems himself “moved by the Spirit” is now, with papal approval, allowed to say whatever he pleases because hey, he is a Speaker Of Truth. Starting from the Pope himself.

But even more stupid Francis becomes when he makes a parallel between Jesus and Paul as opposed to the educated, but in the last analysis boring and sterile theologians of his time; theologians who have nothing of new and daring themselves, and are therefore not loved by the people; they clearly are conventional, and not “moved by the Spirit”.

The comparison is somewhere between stupid and blasphemous. The duty of the theologian and seminarian is exactly to apprehend a complex Truth that the Church declares divinely inspired, not to go around inventing new Truths with the pretext of a new “inspiration”. The work of the theologian cannot be “new” in any way, because his duty is exactly to preserve and transmit the work of the Holy Ghost in those the Church has declared divinely inspired, and therefore to protect that Truth that is now unchangeable, utterly opposed to any “new movement”.

The theologian of the Gregoriana can never be radically new, because Jesus already was. He can never compete in inspiration with St Paul, he must rather explain and protect the inspiration of the latter. He can never claim that he is “moved” by “the Spirit” in any new direction, because this would contradict the Divine Inspiration in the first place!

You know what I think is happening (beside the alcohol)? Francis is under fire from all sides for his attempt to desecrate the Most Holy Sacrament. He hears from all sides voices reminding him of what the Truth is. He must acknowledge their superior wisdom, and has no instrument to counter their argument. Therefore, he takes refuge in the “inspiration” tale: I am moved by the Spirit, and therefore I can change that truth you all know so well; because my new and divinely sourced inspiration make me superior to you in the same way as Paul was superior to the Jews. You may have five degrees in theology; but in me God Himself speaks.

 In case you have not got it yet, this kind of talk clearly has to do with the October Synod. The boring theologians on one side, the “spirit of Christ” (which contradicts what the boring theologians say) on the other.

Beware of the wolves.


Better Ten Alexander Than One Francis

Better Ten Alexander Than One Francis

“The Strange Papacy Of Pope Francis”

From the blog “Call me Jorge”,

The Strange papacy of Pope Francis

an impressively vast documentation on Pope Francis and his pontificate up to now.

The extensive work (which I have not read yet, merely perused in some parts) comes from a good soul who appropriately calls himself Miles Christi (Soldier of Christ). It appears to be the most impressive work published up to now in a blog about this disgraceful man. Well annotated, the work has even been translated already, and is available in five languages.

From what I could see there will not be much that is new, as every heresy of this Pope has been dissected in the media already. But this work here is, so to speak, a reference work, a little Francispedia of Heresy, and a very useful work for future research into the mind of this character. 

This work was certainly written in order to be spread through the blogosphere. The quality seems very high. The argumentation style is terse and convincing. It is written in a blog format: short and to the point. I therefore publish the link to this work and invite other bloggers to do the same. 

I would be very surprised if Miles Christi were not a priest. In any way, he certainly is a good soul deserving of our prayers.

Hat tip to Rhizotomos for alerting me to this work.





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