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Meet Desmond Tutu, The Environ-Mentalist

In a rather hilarious intervention at the vigil of one of those “climate change” reunions where well-fed people cause Co2 emissions travelling around the world, being princely fed and housed, and telling us how bad we are, the wannabe bishop (anglican, therefore fake) Desmond Tutu has called climate change “a global enemy”.


  The real global enemy (the devil) isn;t mentioned with a word, which is strange in one who says he is a bishop.

With great faith in Providence and in the inherent goodness of God’s creation, Tutu goes on to blather: “We can no longer continuing treating our addiction to fossil fuels as if there were no tomorrow, or there will be no tomorrow.”

Beautiful! Forget the Revelation, or the Antichrist. The world will end because we keep driving driving cars. God will come down and say “I had planned to have the world end later; but you have been naughty boys who do not understand the internal combustion engine; therefore, I see myself forced to suspend the show before the time”. 

But what does Tutu want to do? Revolutionary things, really. When you stop at the gas station, a writing at the pump will warn you: “this stop gravely harms the planet’s health; and your wallet, my dear, because you see, we must make you to stop”.

No Formula 1 sponsored by petrol company, too. Diseducative. Would you tolerate company adv sponsorism racism? Eh? Ah? Uh? No? Well, for Desmond “barnum” Tutu it’s exactly the same ballpark. 

Let me quote:

“Never before have human beings been called on to act collectively in defense of the Earth. As a species, we have endured world wars, epidemics, famine, slavery, apartheid and many other hideous consequences of religious, class, race, gender and ideological intolerance”.
So, there you have it: slavery and apartheid are on the same level of “gender intolerance” (means: calling perverts perverts) and “climate change”.
Boys, this one likes a whisky.
But then again, this is the man who is on record with the following pearl of utter satanic evil: 
“I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.”
Don’t believe me? Try here.
No, I would say, sorry, Desmond: you have just officially chosen the Devil against basic Christian teaching, and said so openly.
The Lord allows us to see very clearly that these people are property of the devil. As they put God completely out of the equation, they obsess with an ideology that is anti-Western and anti-Capitalist first, second and third, which frontally attacks Christianity and promotes the work of the Devil as it tries to masquerade under a facade of “humanitarian” concern. A concern in which God is out of place as “homophobic”, and which is therefore a parody support of the Creation against the Creator. 
If one swallows such a lie, how can he say he could not see the punishment coming?



A New Bernardin In Chicago

If you thought Francis would be happy with a lot of barking, but without much of a biting, the news concerning the Chicago appointment should put an end to that.

Blase Cupich is pretty much the embodiment of the new “church of mercy”, for which Christ is an impediment to more inclusiveness and social justice. I can easily imagine the man will soon get a red hat. Yes, I do think it's as bad as that.

Predictably, the liberal press is full of praise for new man, trumpeting the new “era of Francis” to the aborting masses.

There can be no doubt that The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) will not be happy with the image of old aunt who would so much like to demolish the Church, but must take accounts of the circumstances and the history of the Church. No, Francis wants to demolish the Church as we know it, and he will do whatever he can to accomplish his task. He will, no doubt, earn the coveted title of Most Sixty-Eighter Pope Ever. He will take care that he is remembered either as the first of a series of heretics on steroids, hailed by the aborting, contracepting, and concubinaging masses; or else, and only if he can't avoid it, as the Pope who tried to “modernise” the Church as much as he could, but whose “reforms” were slowly betrayed after he was gone.

In both cases, he will live forever in the consciousness of millions; most of them as atheist as he is, of course, but I do not think he really cares. A fanbase is a fanbase. You don't look at the details.

As the press hails this new disastrous appointment, we stand firm in the Faith.

We know that in the great scheme of things, Francis is merely a toddler scratching with a toy fork at a huge block of granite.




What is happening in the last days reminds one of Stalinism.

Cardinal Kasper accuses the five Cardinals behind the book about to be published to stage an “attack on the Pope”; which, in a Stalinist regime, is clearly unthinkable even the Pope is worthy of frontal attack every day of the week, festivities not excluded.

The five Cardinals, it is said in their defence, do not attack the Pope. They praise him. In a Stalinist environment, everything is said with reference to Stalin. In this case, Francis is praised specifically with reference of a couple of occasions when he did not feel like blathering, and therefore read the script, and therefore managed to say something Catholic. But it seems no word can be uttered nowadays without reference to what the man has said.

It's Stalin here, and Stalin there. Who has, then, the heart of Stalin?

It's Cardinal Kasper, of course. He says explicitly that he has spoken “twice” with The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History and has “arranged everything with him”!

Can the five Cardinals say the same?

Can any of them say that their defence of the Most Holy Sacrament from mass desecration has been praised by TMAHICH as “profound and serene theology”?

No. They can't.

Cardinal Mueller has, it is reported somewhere (I forget the source; might well have been Rorate) even been rapped because of the book. No doubt the others have been too, but the fact wasn't “leaked”. This Francis is a phone maniac, and a first-class bully. I doubt he can resist the temptation to play Peron with a handful of Cardinals.

The game here is very clear. Francis sides with Kasper, but he tries to be seen as “neutral” as much as he can. He is, however, betrayed by the leaks continuously exposing him, and by his delirious wannabe off-the-cuff bull's excrement theology showing to everyone he is every bit as bad as Kasper, and very probably worse.

TMAHICH sides with Kasper against Catholicism. If the Cardinals defend Catholicism, well then obviously they are attacking him in so far as he attacks Catholicism. It stands to reason. There is no way around this, and it must be said out loud.

All the rest is Stalinism.


France: Another “Achievement” of Vatican II

Mundabor's Blog

The French episcopal Conference is slowly awakening to the fact that their cowardice, lack of Catholic orthodoxy and outright incompetence is rapidly leading to the quasi-extinction of the Church in France. I mean, they are aware of the impending quasi-extinction, though I doubt they are aware of their own cowardice, lack of Catholic orthodoxy and sheer incompetence.

Rorate Caeli now informs us the geniuses have put their brains together and have ordered an enquiry, whose results have now been published.

You can follow the link and read the war bulletin (and a sad one it is; though deservedly so) for yourself. I would like to point out to the following:

1) The number of seminarians is even lower than in JP II times, and it is at an all-time low since the French Revolution. We see here the wonderful fruits of Vatican II, and the positive effects on…

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