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Curb Your Enthusiasm

And it came to pass the SSPX announced – after leaks in a French blog – that there will be an informal meeting between Bishop Fellay and Cardinal Müller in the Vatican.

I am, personally, unable to see that anything at all may come out of it. In my eyes, this is nothing more than an informal meeting asked by Müller because of the job he occupies; nothing more, nothing less.

It is not realistic to think a man who does not even get what “ever Virgin” means will seek a rapprochement to the Society; particularly after the harsh words he spoke in the past.

It is also not realistic to think that Müller may try to intimidate the SSPX into submission with the threat of declaring them “schismatics”, or “Martians”, or “Blue Elephants”, or the like. Fellay would eat him for breakfast, and no sound Catholics will believe the SSPX are Blue Elephants, Martians, or Schismatics, whatever rubbish Müller may, in hypothesis, declare.

The positions are, as we all know, even more distant now that a clown is running the show in the Vatican. Mistrust runs deep on both side. The SSPX has no interest whatever in showing itself an accomplice of the clown, and they have already branded him in strong enough terms.

Nor have we had signs of a devilish offensive of the Unholy Father against them. Francis is weak with the strong, and does not look for conflicts. He never picked a fight with the SSPX in Buenos Aires, it's not clear to me why he would want to pick it now. He would be ridiculed and exposed as utterly and completely incompetent. He would have nothing to gain as the leftist, socialist, dissenting side is already supporting him. There is no upside.

Therefore, I think that nothing will happen.

Tea and scones, rather; “touching base”; a friendly meeting between opposing sides like countless of them happen in diplomatic circles.

In order for anything in this matter to change we need for the Pope, the CDF and the entire Vatican attitude to change.

The SSPX will, for sure, not change in the least.



It’s Wicca Day In Medjugorje

As far as I can remember, the Blessed Virgin allegedly appears to the “delusionaries” in Medjugorje at individually appointed intervals. There is the man making a good life out of conventions and retreats with daily faxes with the words from, cough, the Blessed Virgin, with even the exact hour communicated in advance and well suited to the schedule (book today to avoid disappointment); there also is the one who got cold feet but still has one vision a year, or the like, just to be able to say she is still part of the club.

Then there is the one (Wicca by name, I think; not certain about that) who receives two messages a month, on the 2nd and the 25th. Punctual like a Swiss watch.

“What day is it today?” – “The Twenty-Sixth” – “Oh, let's go and read what the Blessed Virgin has said yesterday!”.

This Wicca has now become 50, and the cyber trumpets of Medjugorje are telling us how absolutely smashingly unbelievably wonderful she looks. Which is so tragically deluded it is even funny, and deserves a blog post.

Wicca looks, seriously, 65. I am well past 50, and compared to her I look almost like Dorian Gray. It's not only that her face is so tired and worn. It's this feeling of her rapidly withering under the weight of a huge lie that catches the eye. It's outright creepy.

Now, it can be that the female had health problems of her own. It can even be that, coincidentally, these health problems made her look as a life lived cheating, and leading people astray.

But boy: a child would see how sickly and worn she looks. To see in her a picture of health requires a huge dose of self-delusion, and the total inability to look at reality in the face.

Which is exactly the attitude of the followers of Medjugorje.



St. Patrick’s… Gay

Now available as obese Cardinal

Now available as obese Cardinal



The organisers of St. Patrick’s Day parade, who had up to now refused to allow the participation of perverts qua perverts, have now decided that not even saints can be spared from the association with perverts.

You would think that the local Cardinal would spit flames from his mouth like it’s Smaug Day, wouldn’t you?

Well, not if the Cardinal is Dolan, of course.

Mr “No sense of judgment” would never forgive himself if he allowed this beautiful stage to go to waste. Imagine: the TV stations, the radios, and all the secular press noticing how much the Cardinal follows the “Spirit of Francis”. 

This is the one with no “sense of judgment” at people outing their perversion and demanding approval for it. The one licking the plates of Muslims and telling them they are obviously saved because they like their children. The one puttign his fat belly before absolutely everythign under the sun, starting with his God and his Church.

What an obese Jezebel.

I hope – nay: I am certain – that all decent Catholic will stay away from this shame.

Let the fat prostitute spend the day in the middle of perverts. A fitting anticipation of his destiny after death, unless he repents.



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