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Screw Yourself Again, Mr Donohue!

In typical PC fashion, the US Catholic League has announced it will not take part to next year's “Gay Paddy Parade”.

Did they do that in protest at the abomination of admitting openly scandalous perverts to the parade? ' course not! Perish the thought! It should not be said they are in any way Christian, that is: “homophobic”! They actually have declared to even “support” their admission!

No. They announced their withdrawal because… a pro-life group was not allowed to take part to the parade under its own banner.

Let us examine the dynamics at play here. It seems increasingly more frequent that issues of sodomy are avoided. Why is that? Because the numbers are turning against us, at least for now and at least in the general perception; a perception, in turn, amplified exactly by the behaviour of these soi-disant Christians.

The fight against abortion, on the other hand, is gaining momentum, and there can be little doubt that it will continue to attract support in the next years.

Therefore, the marketing choice is easily made: no opposition to institutionalised sodomy, and self-promotion with the popular issue.

The Catholic League is not fighting for Catholicism. It is merely pursuing its self-promotion in the way most profitable to them. They have chosen to be Catholic only when it's convenient, and to kow-tow to popular fashion whenever a Catholic stance would make them unpopular.

Screw yourself again, Mr Donohue.

We do not buy your opportunism.


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“Clump Of Cells On Board”

Mundabor's Blog

In my neck of the wood it is becoming more frequent to see pregnant women wearing a “baby on board” badge. Whilst this is very nice, it must also be noted no one asks the women in question where is the baby they are supposed to be carrying, or whether they have forgotten him at home. Everyone knows the baby is the human being inside her mother, a human life obviously and naturally perceived as such.

Isn’t it strange that a society which so unquestioningly accepts the creature in the womb is a baby also unquestioningly allows this baby to be killed, perfectly legally and basically – if not formally – on demand?

But then again this is the same society which claims to value marriage and family, but allows perverts to live together as faggot & faggot (or lesbian and lesbian) without any problem. Par for the course, then.

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