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What Went Wrong, From A Priest’s Mouth.

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What a mess he started: Pope Blessed John XXIII What a mess he started: Pope Blessed John XXIII

I truly believe that unless we return to the very basics in our preaching, in our school texts and in our public statements, and unless we return to a liturgy that is God-focused rather than people-centred, we will continue to see the Church dwindle by lapsation and lose influence in society. We need to be formed again, theologically and catachetically. in key issues: the Primacy of the Pope in Doctrine and Discipline; the unique nature of the Catholic Church as the One True Church from which all salvation flows; the necessity of regular Confession for regular Communion; the Mass as the Sacrifice of Calvary and not simply a fraternal banquet; the inherent evil of contraception; of fornication, abortion and euthanasia. We also need to rediscover the essential vocation and responsibility of the laity as the salt of the earth wherein they…

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Dumber By The Day

It seems that in the age of the Internet everything is supposed to become as stupid as only thinkable, and the Internet industry desperately seeks to follow a world increasingly less able to think, thus feeding its idiocy in the first place.

First example: why do I meet more and more often “remember my username and password” boxes that are ticked by default? Why should I have the attempt of having my data saved on my device shoved down my throat every day? Am I so stupid that I cannot tick the box if I want to? Make no mistake, the host of this blog does this too. It nerves me every day. You tell people they should have a blog to express their wonderful creativity and ideas, and then you treat them like three-year-olds.

It should be so simple: if I want, I tick once. If I do not want, I do not have to do anything. Ticking happens once, at most. I can read, and make my choice. It’s very simple.

Not so, though, if someone thinks I am too stupid to make my own decisions. In this case, he will force me to tick the damn thing away everytime, and on principle; probably because he knows most people will leave it ticked, just to avoid the hassle. This is not client service. This is harassment of your own users. And no “do not ask me again” box, of course. It would defeat the purpose.   

Second example: google map. The simplified version is less simple and immediate, in that it does not present you all the information at once. It was evidently too difficult to have two lines for start point and destination. People  could, apparently, get confused. Give them only one line so that, like retards, they will write there without too much uncertainties. Then, and only then, you will present the information to them. Two lines would be, you see, information overload already. 

I websearch “old google map” and click on it whenever I want to use their maps. Just so they know. But I have since discovered Bing is just more intuitive. Funny: I had never cared to check whether Bing had a map service before.

Third example: the WordPress editor. When you want to write a new post, you are now presented with a simplified version. It has only one line for editing tools, because the full two lines are too much for the supposed average IQ of the intrepid blogger. I have to click the full range of icons every time.

Then the old system proceeds to boycott you by not automatically recognising the tags, as the old system still does. You must click extra to have the already used tags, but only a small part of them will appear. This is a double mess, because some external blogging app cannot cope with too many tags already saved on your blog, and it is therefore good to use the old tags whenever you can (eg: “Cardinal Dolan” as only variation of the name) to limit their total number. This external app, by the way, will recognise all your tags, because they try to let things work rather than making them fit for toddlers.  

You have the choice of going back to the old system, though. Truly, it is like saying to the blogger “if you can think, click here. If you’re stupid, stay where you are: we are making all we can to please you”.

Do you think it’s enough? No.

Every time I wait for a page to be charged, WordPress gives me a page with “beep, boop, beep” or the like, probably thinking I am a toddler thrilling with excitement at reading, every darn time, the nonsense of some failed kindergarten teacher. It’s not only that the “beep, beep, boop” thing is effeminate tosh. It is that it is outright offensive. It’s like keeping the plastic bee in front of the newborn baby in the cradle. It’s too stupid for adults, period. 

Fourth example: automatic text editors. They are nowadays run by PC people thinking the world is made of writers with the intellect of a Mike Tyson. “Its” will be automatically corrected in “it’s”, because the concept of a pronoun is too much for the modern blogger. Cue millions of people writing “it’s” instead of “its” because hey, that’s what the computer says. Sounds about right, too.

My own particularly perverted device can’t even cope with “the Lord” (becomes “The Lord”), “God” (becomes “a God”) and countless other intrusions in my freedom of writing what I want.

They aren’t even trying to correct my spelling. They are trying to change my religion.

Now, let us come to the tragic question: why does all of this happen?

Are such initiatives (excluding, perhaps, the automatic text editor) taken just after a “brainstorming session” called by someone to justify her wage? Or are the changes introduced only after careful consideration, and after a representative sample of service users has been proved to like them? I truly, truly, truly fear the second one is the case. Which clearly means that an awful lot of people is at a level of discernment far inferior to the one of the illiterate peasant of, say, 1910, who at least knew he was an illiterate peasant. Nowadays, people have degrees who are not worth being used as toilet papers, but they think they must have a say on everything, and are awfully smart. In the meantime, blog providers struggle to cope with their imbecility, and must dumb down things to a level of idiocy their users will be able to cope with; because if you have a product for the masses, it just can’t be made too dumb.

Why do I tell you all this? To vent my anger? Well, yes, in part. But there is a bigger picture that emerges from this.

This universal dumbness believing itself smart is the reason why we have abortion, contraception, perverted wannabe marriages, an exploding number of bastards, and an idiot as a Pope. The concept of submitting to a wisdom coming to us from the ages and superior to our intellect does not exist anymore. Nothing is accepted as coming from above, or from before, or from smarter guys. Everyone is the maker of his own system of values. Everyone thinks he can decide for himself.

In todays’ world, the children make the rules of the kindergarten; and the children are so stupid that they can’t cope with two lines on Google Map.

What can go wrong?  


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