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Of Popes, Purges, And Paraguay

I am extremely thankful to the “Eponymous Flower” for their sterling work concerning what is happening in Paraguay.

There, you have a very conservative Bishop (uh? It reminds me of the FFI), who is therefore very successful (the analogy continues) and shames his peers by showing how it’s done (interesting!).

Someone accuses Bishop Livieres Plano of misconduct of various kind (where have I heard this?), and he is suddenly removed whilst savage rumours about his past and integrity emerge (Father Manelli anyone?).

The Vatican communiqué talks, ominously, of “unity of the Church”. At this point, yours truly has no doubts anymore.

The Bishop is, like Father Manelli and the FFI, a “threat to the unity of the Church” because he is an orthodox Catholic, shaming the clowns around him.

This cannot be tolerated. He must be removed, his work destroyed, his sheep reeducated to the NuChurch of Vatican II. He must be, if possible, personally destroyed. We have already seen this movie. This is a remake in great style.

Given the precedent of the FFI, I allow myself to consider, until evidence to the contrary emerges, the orthodox Catholic Bishop the good one, and The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) the villain. If anything, because I have the villain’s disgraceful acts in front of my eyes every day. In these cases, my suggestion to the “there are things we do not know” Apostles is the same as always:

wake up.


But let us imagine that the Bishop Livieres Plano is truly bad. Let us imagine – just for the sake of reasoning, poor man… – that we are here in front of another Maciel.

Why, then, the appeal for to the “unity of the Church”, a clear indication that the Bishop was removed because he refused to dance the Tango of Vatican II together with all the other bishops?

Why would in this case Francis not appoint substitutes (the provisional one, and then the definitive one) who are every bit as conservative and orthodox as the disgraced man, in order to show that the problem lies merely in his personal conduct? The substitute is, from what we know, one in the mould of Archbishop Cupich. I foresee a brilliant career for him as long as Francis is Pope. Particularly if he is a pervert. But no, the kind of appointment clearly show the accusation of misconduct were, even if proven true, just a “happy” coincidence in the effort to remove sound Catholicism from the Church.

Then there is one last thought I would want to share with you.

Has anyone ever examined the long past of Francis as Bishop and Archbishop? What about a visitation, and thorough going through archives, press, testimonies, and street gossip? Are we sure no episodes of a questionable nature can be found? Is this not the man who was once found with marijuana in his luggage? (I wish I could find the link). How many priests has a bishop or archbishop? How easy is it to accuse him first, and disgrace them in the meantime? How would Francis like the Manelli treatment applied to him and his tenure in Argentina as rector of a seminary, bishop and Archbishop?

Do not be fooled. This is another instalment of the Stalinian purge Francis is executing. When Francis is done with this, the TLM and orthodoxy will get out of the window of the diocese as fast as practicable.

The man is an utter disgrace, a damn clerical Che, and a tool of Satan.

Let us pray the Lord every day that He may, in His mercy, free us from this horrible, if utterly deserved punishment.


This Is A Service Announcement

This little service announcement is to remind you (or “inform you” for the “new entries”) of simple rules of this blog. Please note that this little effort is regularly above 100,000 pageviews a month, there are a lot of messages and, as natural, a lot of dangers; then there is the issue of time, too.

1. For the “smarties” among you: this is not a forum. You waste your time if you think you can bring your luv propaganda here. “Dialogue” with error doesn’t live here. I do not have a very democratic mind. I think tolerance of error is way overrated.

Waste as much time as you wish on my comment box, I will only need a fraction of a second to trash it. I am not angry if you don’t like my blog, but I don’t oblige you to read it, either, much less to comment on it. My combox is my living room. If I don’t like you, you won’t enter my living room.

2. I do not publish comments in languages I can’t understand, or links to blogs in lanaguages I can’t understand. Many of them are, I am sure, orthodox. But I don’t want to run the risk of helping the wrong crowd, and looking like an idiot in the process.

3. I try to check everything that gets published. Not in order to check that I approve of it, but in order to check that no overtly (that is: ideologically) wrong material enters my blog. Therefore, every comment with a link is, in fact, just as long as the linked material is. Therefore, if you publish a comment with a link do not be surprised if the comment does not get published. If you publish a comment with more than one link, be prepared for it. Private messages with interesting links are always welcome, though, and I will visit the links as time allows.

4. I have a very poor sense of humour (no, really). I take comments seriously (yes, really) as I think that the comments do as much as the posts in “forming” the mind of the reader, instructing him, strenghtening him for the battles ahead. If, therefore, a comment can be read, say, as pro or against Sedevacantism, it will be trashed. If it contains irony that can be read in two ways, it will be trashed. If I am in doubt whether it contains undue mockery (bear with me here: I am not a morther tongue), it will be trashed. As you can see from my blog, I am no friend of ambiguity.

5. Please stick to the point. I have no time, and no patience, for side tracking of the discussion. If I have written a blog post about, say, Richard Nixon and Pope Paul VI, comments about Richard Nixon and Vietnam will be trashed. 

6. Please be concise. I have a life to live, a job to work on, a place to keep tidy (single male! Ha!), and a blog to write. I do not have time for long comments. I am writing this after midnight, and my shirt for tomorrow is not pressed yet. If you love long comments and think the world should read them, you should seriously think of starting your own blog, but I need ironing time… 😉 .  

7. It has happened in the past that occasional, and even one or two regular commenters on this blog have written offensive comments about my character on other blogs, then have continued to write comments here as if nothing had happened, praising me for this and that. Gladly, they were only a handful; but they were, and are, all banned.

Again, you don’t have to like me. But be enough of a man to be coherent and make your choices about whom you like and where you comment.

If I liked double tongues, I’d be a fan of Francis.


Thanks for your patience. Normal service will be resumed shortly. 


Is The Pope A Jesuit?

The “soon, soon!” Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Oh well, if he said so... For some reason, not everyone took the Pope’s words at face value…

“Soon, soon”

This is the answer Francis allegedly gave to the request of the parents Manelli, with six among their children members of the order.

The request was:

“Holy Father, we have nine children, six of whom are consecrated among the Franciscans of the Immaculate. We beg you, take them out of the sepulchre.”

Now, what this means should not be difficult to understand: the persecution of the FFI will “soon, soon” come to an end.

Only, the Bishop of Rome is a Jesuits, and to Jesuits words mean what he want them to mean in the moment.

Therefore, it might well mean that the FFI are about to be – say – merged with old Sixty-Eighters of some other dying but still numerous order, or forced to adopt a lax rule, or forbidden from celebrating the Traditional…

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FFI: Pollyanna Speaks!

Mundabor's Blog

I received this on my postbox from Pollyanna. I publish without comment.


Dear Mundabor,

As we all know, our Holy Father has been unjustly slandered in the matter of the FFI. It has now emerged that on 10 June there was a big meeting between Francis, the evil Father Volpi, and several dozen Friars. I would like here to defend our wonderful Holy Father from the unjust accusations that will be moved against him. My position is proved by the following points.

1. Pope Francis has received the Friars. How won-der-ful this is! He is full of caring solicitude for his sheep!

2. Father Volpi, the evil friar who keeps Francis in the dark about the persecution of the FFI, was also there. This I found a bit strange, but I think it was because our wonderful Holy Father is so nice to everyone!

3. It is reported that…

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Meet Francis’ Franciscans (No, Not Crypto-Lefebvrians…)

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Fag Franciscan shirt. Fag Franciscans’ shirt.

From Call me Jorge,  an interesting insight about what kind of utterly deluded, or more likely perverted tools nowadays go undisturbed under the name of Franciscans, whilst the perfectly orthodox Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate continue to suffer persecution and slander from the “who am I to judge”-Bishop of Rome.

The complicity of these people with sodomites does not stop at shutting up towards sexual perversion, or at playing it down with the usual “oh but we all all called to chastity anyway, so what’s new” rubbish.

No. The intrepid friars positively encourage sodomitical behaviour under the banner of the “gay Pope”: the infamous and never retracted “who am I to judge?”. They absolutely want the sodomites to know that they are on their side (or, in alternative, that they are like them). They put themselves at the end of the scandalous “parade” (during which they must…

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