Meet Francis, The Has-Been

Stunt time. It worked for a while.

Stunt time. It worked for a while.


Ex Magno Silentio has the bomb, and the Catholic News Service has the evidence: less than 10,000 people wanted to know what Francis has to say, or at least see the former celebrity. And that, on Ash Wednesday. Sad.

The key of what is happening is in the title itself of CNS’s article:

Pope: Liberty, equality can turn selfish, unfair without brotherly love”.

Here you have all the issues in one phrase: secular waffle, stupid slogans, vague appeal to feelings, and no mention of Catholicism.

Not surprising at all. The rubbish you can hear from this man day in and day out can be read from every leftist newspaper all over Europe, and from every liberal outlet the other side of the pond. And after receiving and abetting fags and trannies, he can now only get some headlines with dog-screwers.

This man will soon be an embarrassment even to Fr Rosica. People will deny having ever liked him. “Francis? No! I was saying from the start that there was something wrong with him!”

The hype has gone. The “Francis effect” is in front of our eyes, though it is not what was hoped.

Francis is officially out of fashion.






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  1. Can you say: “The Francis Defect”?

  2. And as for fortune and as for fame
    I never invited them in
    Though it seemed to the world
    They were all I desired

  3. Even the black plague eventually ran out of steam. All corruptions do and will. Bergoglio is a man of evil words, evil teachings and evil deeds. He champions error as if it were a rare jewel. He delights in corrupt worship as if God delighted in his delight. He attacks authentic Faith as if God really has changed His mind on Truth. He attacks purity as if sin had replaced it in the eyes of God as a ‘good’. But then that description could be applied to the majority of the Novus Ordo heirarchy. We must continue to pray for the ‘exahltation and liberation of Holy Mother Church, and the for the humiliation of Her enemies’ (that from an indulgenced prayer for the suffering souls which Montini (paul 6) ‘invalidated’ in 1968.

  4. I might take up grappa now.

  5. This is Frantrucho the careerist Porteño, nobody liked him back at home, at least not catholics. It is high time the rest of the world discovers who “this gem” really. He is a cold plate who modernist consider shallow and power-hungry, and the faithful . . . well we already know their opinion.

  6. You can take any mildly funny guy from a bar in Buenos Aires, dress him in white, and he would do and say the same things as this individual selected by the “cardinals.”

  7. HRH Bucket – thanks for the chuckle. It does seem an anomaly that Ms Ciccone and Signor Bergoglio haven’t don’t a duet yet. I wonder how it would go? The NO singing nun could do back-up, the rappping priest could do a club version and all the Macarena-NO-monasterial-dance-troupes of the world could be the giggy-widdit back-drop.

  8. It seems the crowds that once swooned for this man, especially in Rome, have begun to disperse. However, I don’t know if too many conclusions should be drawn. When this man travels to the US this Fall, you can bet my countrymen will treat his arrival as the event of a lifetime. Of course, more and more, the US Catholic Church is becoming a farce, especially with a man like Cupich leading Chicago. American Catholics truly embody the phrase “Catholic in name only” much as this man does. So birds of a feather.

    Even if this man is losing the adoration of the crowd, he hasn’t lost the press. Modernists like John Allen and his cohorts are too invested in the possibilities of this man’s pontificate to ever sour on him. He is their vessel and they will continue to use their ink to push the long held goals of VII. And since there is no real counterweight to the liberal Catholic press, the press can continue to shape and spin their heroic pope as they choose.

    • True, in the US he will be more of a novelty. But he will wear everybody down there, too.

      The counterweight to the liberal press is, if you ask me, Catholic blogdom. Not read by very many, but read by Catholics, which counts.


  9. It would be great if faithful Catholic Americans turned up at upcoming papal venues with signage that reads:

    We Breed Like Rabbits and We Like It!

    We Judge Anal Sex to Be an Abomination Before Our God!

    The Holy Family is Not Irregular!

    The Blessed Virgin Mary Never Thought She was Lied To!

    Our God is Not a god of Surprises!

    No Holy Communion for Mortal Sinners!

    Stop Prying Apart Praying Hands!

    Stop Vatican Thuggery!

    Free the Franciscans of the Immaculate!

    I’m sure Mundabor readers can think of many more.

  10. Gotta add one more:

    Hold Fast To Your Korans–NOT!

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