Laudato Si: The Atheist Is Wagging The Pope.

three donkeys

The Atheist is the one on the left.

Remember Our Climate Dr Goebbels?

Some days ago I had, en passant, posed the question whether the man is a Catholic.

Turns out he is not a Catholic. Or a Christian, come to that. Not even a believer in some strange Oriental religion.

No. The man is an atheist.  

Atheists do not believe in Providence. They mock the very concept, as they mock the idea that there is a God.

Atheists do not believe that they will be judged after death. Therefore, they can shape their own “ethical” system as they believe. If they decide that billions of humans will have to be sacrificed to it, so be it.

Atheists tend to make of science a god; which is wrong even from an atheist – let alone scientific – point of view, but seems to be an irresistible tendency in the human being. For the Atheist the scientific matter – particularly if he has persuaded himself of his accuracy – is the Truth, and he will accept it… on faith.

This is the man on whom Francis has relied the most for his torrential encyclical vomit. A man without faith, without hope, and  most certainly without charity has been hand-picked by this enormous ass to mislead countless Catholics into following what clearly is a purely atheist, worldly, Nazi agenda.

The tail is wagging the dog; or rather, the atheist is wagging the Pope.

Francis has now committed himself to a lie, and will – bar extraordinary favours from the Holy Ghost – continue his anti-crusade for as long as he lives. His reputation will be deservedly crushed when he is six feet under, but at this point I do think he does not care a bit of what happens after he dies. In his stupid quest for popularity he is being used, and fooled, by those with the most satanical agenda around.

What a stupid man this Francis is.

Use the encyclical as toilet paper, and let the media hype pass.

Unfortunately, the stupid pope will remain.


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  1. Cardinal Ottaviani on these powerful enemies who have taken over the Church and are paving the way for the AntiChrist. From 12 January 1953 (10 years before they got the Council they wanted, and even by then they were very powerful within the Church and were in n the ascendancy).

  2. Far from his reputation being “crushed”, they’ll probably make him a saint. That seems to be the “new normal” at the Vatican.

    ‘St Francis the Fun-Loving Environmentalist.’

  3. Mundabor,
    “In his stupid quest for popularity he is being used, and fooled, by those with the most satanical agenda around.”

    No. He is not being “used and fooled”. The satanical agenda is wholly his own. He keeps cooperating with the most satanical fellows around, because he quite simply agrees with them. That’s all there is to it. No being used, no being fooled, no wolves, nothing. Just an evil man, in league with the devil, out to damn as many souls as he possibly can, by feeding them heresies and perversions, distracting them from their probable eternal ruin with empty flattery, fake clownery and false visions of a global socialist paradise on earth.

    “Use the encyclical as toilet paper, and let the media hype pass.”
    Sir, yes sir!!

  4. It seems, incidentally, that Francis the Fun Loving Eco Warrior is calling for some kind Global Authority to impose warmist ukases world wide.

    This cannot end well.

  5. “Atheists tend to make of science a god; which is wrong even from an atheist – let alone scientific – point of view”

    I never understood this tendency. Even as an atheist, the glaring faults of science seemed blatantly obvious. I regarded myself as an enlightened skeptic. I was raised to „question authority“. Most „scientific“ claims I encountered in society and the media fell apart as soon as one scrutinized them for fifteen minutes. Why would I worship at the altar of Science with its authoritative claim to true knowledge when I knew exactly how its bogus “miracles” were produced? When I knew the dangers of politicized science, the limitations of scientific models, the simple vanity and ambition – as opposed to love of truth and knowledge – that drives many scientists to “improve” on their data? When I knew that there is no such thing as “Science”, only many different sciences, some (mathematics, physics…) better than others (sociology, economics…), none infallible, a few so bad that their predictions are reliably and measurably inferior to randomly generated ones….?

    As I said, I never understood the tendency to deify Reason, Science, The Party, The Golden Calf, or whatever god the High Priesthood of Freethinkers ordered the anti-authoritarians to worship.

    But then I never was a particularly *devout* atheist, even before I became a bad Catholic…. 😉

    • Obviously, you were one of the smart ones.
      These people aren’t.
      The bogus science is merely the way they desperately cling to what they want to believe.

  6. He was my idol. Anyone remember his motto? “Semper Idem.” The antithesis of Francis et al.

    At this point I would almost prefer Nacho Libre as pope.

  7. Cardinal Ottaviani states clearly what this evil-doing by those apostates who’ve control of the Church, is (12 January 1953):

    “- […]The only effect of their social action in the end, is to break up, throw out , destroy and raze to the ground to make way – for whom? We need only look at who is holding the cord of this devastation. We say and we fear no contradiction – [it is]for the Antichrist. The Antichrist for us, is anyone who stands for a society in opposition to God or even one simply without Him. And whoever aligns with these people, or lends a hand and obeys them, makes way for the Antichrist, even if unwittingly.

    – When a priest is corrupted, he becomes the worst and the speediest agent for social decay.

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