Laudato Si: The Prayer Of The Freemason

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Courtesy of Vox Cantoris, we are alerted to the astonishing end of the encyclical, Laudato Si. I wonder if any paragraph worse than this could have been written by any Pope.

The text is below. This is not a draft. It is the official version from the Vatican site. 

246. At the conclusion of this lengthy reflection which has been both joyful and troubling, I propose that we offer two prayers. The first we can share with all who believe in a God who is the all-powerful Creator, while in the other we Christians ask for inspiration to take up the commitment to creation set before us by the Gospel of Jesus.

A prayer for our earth

All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe
and in the smallest of your creatures.
You embrace with your tenderness all that exists.
Pour out upon us the power of your love,
hat we may protect life and beauty.
Fill us with peace, that we may live
as brothers and sisters, harming no one.
O God of the poor,
help us to rescue the abandoned and forgotten of this earth,
so precious in your eyes.
Bring healing to our lives,
that we may protect the world and not prey on it,
that we may sow beauty, not pollution and destruction.
Touch the hearts
of those who look only for gain
at the expense of the poor and the earth.
Teach us to discover the worth of each thing,
to be filled with awe and contemplation,
to recognize that we are profoundly united
with every creature
as we journey towards your infinite light.
We thank you for being with us each day.
Encourage us, we pray, in our struggle
for justice, love and peace.

A Christian prayer in union with creation

Father, we praise you with all your creatures.
They came forth from your all-powerful hand;
they are yours, filled with your presence and your tender love.
Praise be to you!

Son of God, Jesus,
through you all things were made.
You were formed in the womb of Mary our Mother,
you became part of this earth,
and you gazed upon this world with human eyes.
Today you are alive in every creature
in your risen glory.
Praise be to you!

Holy Spirit, by your light
you guide this world towards the Father’s love
and accompany creation as it groans in travail.
You also dwell in our hearts
and you inspire us to do what is good.
Praise be to you!

Triune Lord, wondrous community of infinite love,
teach us to contemplate you
in the beauty of the universe,
for all things speak of you.
Awaken our praise and thankfulness
for every being that you have made.
Give us the grace to feel profoundly joined
to everything that is.

God of love, show us our place in this world
as channels of your love
for all the creatures of this earth,
for not one of them is forgotten in your sight.
Enlighten those who possess power and money
that they may avoid the sin of indifference,
that they may love the common good, advance the weak,
and care for this world in which we live.
The poor and the earth are crying out.
O Lord, seize us with your power and light,
help us to protect all life,
to prepare for a better future,
for the coming of your Kingdom
of justice, peace, love and beauty.
Praise be to you!

It is difficult to believe the level of satanical disorientation promoted by this man.

He publishes two prayers, because he insists in having non-Christians praying in their non-Christian way; not only downplaying their error, but positively encouraging them in persisting in it! Can you imagine Pius XII writing a prayer tailored for the use of Muslims, or Hindus, or Freemasons?

The prayer is in two flavours, is the clear message. Vanilla is for Freemasons and other vague Deists. Chocolate is the choice of us who happen to have a preference for Christ. But we are all good, of course. We all pray together for our common cause. The common cause sanctifies us all. We would never be so tactless as to say that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We don’t do that anymore, in the Age of Mercy.

The horrible Prayer Of The Freemason obviously ignores Christ and the Holy Ghost. It actually also ignores God the Father as God the Father. It does not even ask to come one day to embrace the fullness of the Truth in the Church. No. This is a prayer by praying which the infidel can be, if no special grace is given to him to embrace Truth notwithstanding Francis’ encouragement to persist in error, surely damned when he dies. And a Pope writes such a prayer for infidels, and encourages them to pray it! Note how many things God should help them to achieve; but True Faith, and therefore Salvation, is not one of them! 

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, making them pray the God of the poor”.

Francis is secular through and through. As I have written many times, to him Christianity is merely an excuse to push his agenda. Nowhere is this more evident than here, where Christianity is clearly the excuse, and the environ-mental message is clearly the main point.


Not in the Age of Francis.


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  1. About as inspiring as drying wall paper paste. And yes, all very PC and “ecumenical”. Soon we’ll have the Book of One-World Common Prayer.

  2. The Canticle of the Asshat.

  3. I’m slogging through the encyclical and it appears to have 4 or 5 different ghost writers… a Marxist, a Deist, someone representing the UN, some sort of scientist, and a Catholic theologian to interject various quotes and Scripture references as well as St. Francis’ name about 50 times. Finally, some sort of editor apparently put all of that into a blender.

  4. This is IT, for me, now. This is the final insult. When I became a Catholic, more than twenty years ago, my lapsed-Baptist dad told me to try the good old C of E first…. they weren’t so demanding! This all looks like a sick joke to me now.

    From now on, it’s zero tolerance as far as I’m concerned. I attended an “inter-Faith” funeral service yesterday, hosted by a gushing lady with a hippie “stole” and we said a prayer to the Great Spirit. Naturally, like everyone else and in respect to the deceased I parroted the usual polite bollocks, it was a lovely service, he would have been smiling down on us, blah blah.

    Zero tolerance. Next time, I flourish my beads and quietly say the rosary in reparation form what is going on. Next time, I speak up for Jesus. And you know what? It took a “Catholic” Pope to make realise, at last, that the society in which I live is totally and utterly shit. And that “Catholics” are no better.

    That’s the last time I apologise for my faith. It’s war, now. Zero tolerance. Pray for me, please.

  5. The last one to leave please turn off the lights . . .

    Given that believing in Jesus Christ and accepting him as your savior is incompatible with the “secular” prayer, it can be inferred that Homogoglio does not believe in anything.

    The only main topic where he concentrates his efforts is in courting sexual deviancy. Thus, most likely he is an implant of the homosexual cadre to convert the Church in some kind of social club for Jesuit perverts where they can enjoy themselves while earning the income of vast real estate holdings and monies from faux catholics who think that promiscuous intestinal intercourse is an “act of love.”

    The only way that the huge number of sodomite clerics have to keep their privileges and income is to create a false religion where any perversion is “celebrated.” They do not want to hide anymore as they see how the satanic homosexual movement at large has succeed in spreading its evil within secular society.

  6. Flagrant heresy upon heresy.

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