Laudato Si: The Execution

Extremely instructive, and very amusing, article of Chris Jackson about Laudato Si on “The Remnant”.

It’s the hanging, drowning and quartering of Laudato Si, and a fully deserved one.

I am sorry for the poor man that he had to endure the boredom and adrenaline (such documents inspire both already at reading the brief excerpts) of going through the entire pile of dung. But his pain was not in vain, as this is a survey sufficient to make clear to every sane reader what kind of embarrassment this not very intelligen tman has put himself in with his encyclicals; a work which, no doubt, he thought would be seen as a new milestone in Church teaching and is now buried in ridicule two days after official release.


I will not mention any particular segment of this brilliant work as I think it should be read in its entirety. 

I must, also, repeat the encouragement of Mr Jackson. There is no need to read this crap. Did you ever read Das Kapital in order to refute Communism? 

This vain old man truly has pinkled out of the WC, and the stinking pool of piss is now there for the world to see. As for Francis himself, I doubt he has even noticed. 

This encyclical will be soon forgotten, and the furious reaction of those whom the entire world recognises as the orthodox Catholics has destroyed his potential for damage. I doubt one single person on the planet will change his mind concerning global warming because of this extremely long, and extremely embarrassing, papal enviro-fart. 

It is unlikely that any of your friends or relatives or acquaintances will ask you what you think about the encyclical. in the improbable case, I suggest that you hasten to apologise to him, as a Catholic, for the inexcusable behaviour of the pope, and make very clear that you and all sound thinking Catholics are deeply embarrassed at the sad spectacle the man is giving.   




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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, thanks for all the links in this and other recent posts on Pope Bergoglio’s “embarrassment,” the “encyclical” Laudato Si.

    The sooner this laughable encyclical is forgotten the better. It makes my ears twitch.

    We can’t expect much from a man who is unfair to rabbits and to practicing Catholics who–according to him–emulate us fluffy, furry creatures God made when they have the nerve–or chutzpah, as they say in New York City–to reproduce. It seems Psalm 127 is no longer recognized by the Francine pope. Children are no longer “a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb … a reward.”

  2. I don’t know why Francis didn’t just ask the world to sing ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ (verse 3 excepted, naturally). It’s shorter and it scans.

  3. I offer for your review this fine critique of the “encyclical” written by Alan Keyes: it is very good and I think you will agree with his assessment.

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