Quo Usque Tandem, Francisce, Abutere Patientia Christi?

Quo usque tandem....

I know, I know… I am borrowing heavily from Cicero here. But it seems to me that the Vatican Catilina is not going to enjoy the rest of his disgraceful pontificate, which we hope will be short anyway.

The rather explosive news is now everywhere: a seven-page document gravely accusing Francis of incompetence and tampering with doctrine is being circulated within the Vatican, and has been very fittingly leaked to the press.

We do not have the translation, but there can be no doubt that the content is brutal. From what I can see the grievances concern the obvious shortcomings of Francis both as a spiritual guide (I must smile as I write this; it's like calling Berlusconi an example of chastity) and as an administrator.

As to the first point, the document accuses Francis of opening the door to such abuses as to gravely damage the Sacrament. A fact, this, repeated all the time on Catholic blogs, and which remains true even if the changes aren't, so to speak, openly heretical. Technicalities and procedural simplifications could make a joke of pretty much everything, if the will is there. I have already written (here) and repeat now, that this should be a very vocally discussed issue at the Synod.

As to the second point, the accusations are also very open: Francis is accused of having bypassed the appropriate procedures (and offices) in order to concoct a mess hastily and amateurishly put together; not only showing great incompetence, but revealing an attitude that is the exact contrary of that “collegiality” the Evil Clown loved to mention so often, before discovering how many bishops don't like him one bit.

It goes more explicit still. The veiled admission of an atmosphere of exasperation going near physical violence (You won't find this in the link above; but it was in the original text, as linked here) means that there are those within the Vatican thinking – in plain words – pretty much this: “you are such an ass that you would deserve to have your backside kicked around the Vatican Gardens until you understand how a Pope has to behave; and don't be too sure it won't happen one day, because with such a one as you common rules cease to apply”.

Please reflect on some simple facts concerning the events:

1) seven pages full of accusations. This is a well-thought, organised effort, not the rant of some isolated dissenter.

2) Circulated within the Vatican. Francis has lost control of the Vatican machinery.

3) Leaked to the press so that all the world knows, and Catholics may take heart at the news. Francis has lost the respect of his people, and no one fears such a prime example of stupidity and incompetence.

4) Admission of exasperation to the point of near physical violence. Imagine how utterly and completely despised this man is. Thank God, there are still Catholics in the Vatican!


This thing will now, I think, be hushed. Vatican officials will – in pure Vatican style – run to the microphones and tell us how much everyone is behind Francis, thebelovedpopeofmercywhocaressomuchforthepoor. They will not expect to be believed. They will not want you to believe them. It will be another exercise in Vatican diplomacy. Like last October, when the bishops slapped him in the face one day and swore how orthodox he was the next.

Make no mistake: Francis has been symbolically slapped in the face again, and slapped very hard, by his own Curia, for all the world to see. They have had enough of this South American ass thinking he can do to the Church what Chavez did to Venezuela; and get away with astonishing incompetence as, alas, people like him tend to do in his part of the planet. The Vatican isn't Venezuela, and the Church is a tougher nut to crack.

How long, Francis, will you abuse Christ's patience? We do not know exactly. But it seems the time is running rapidly out for the man, and his game has now become very dangerous.

The Synod might well become very interesting after all.



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  1. Great analysis, Mundabor! Though I wonder what the numbers really are. How many in this group? How many are on the fence, perhaps waiting for the wind to blow one way or the other. And Francis does have allies, or are many of them too wondering if the wind will change?

    • Ah, you clearly aren’t Italian… 😉
      When such documents begin to circulate, there can be no doubt the angry ones are very many, and very angry…

  2. Oh for those glorious days of the 15th century when all these exasperations to the point of physical violence would be sated by administering a healthy dose of hemlock to his pasta!

    If I were him I would augment my profligacy by employing some food-tasters in the Casa Sancta Marta.

  3. Mundabor, i am not sure if my comment connects to your article here, but I just wanted to share with you of what I think of the mini series “Francisco” that is broadcast by Telemundo television network last Sunday on the occasion of his visit to the US. They showed very little of his biography as they did break it up in segments along with the story of how Francis the “righteous” was able to clean up the Vatican Bank mess and for the entire hour!. What are they trying to do?, to make those Vatican officials who were in charge look bad?, like sort of mafia style clerics? Bottom line is that mini series fail to let us know about how was Francis’s spirituality in his early and adult life and stresses more his relationship to his former girlfriend. I would’ve liked to see of how Francis ended up as a “bouncer” and as “bell boy” as I heard he used to be, but no, that would not make him look humble. I won’t bother to watch the second part this coming Sunday.

    • The problem is, you won’t find any trace of spirituality in his past.
      You will find lies to his mother about his studies, marijuana use, and work as a bouncer in a nightclub instead.

  4. But let me ask this…if they don’t follow thru and kick his ass out, and this is just a romanita warning shot-across-the-bow, then he’s gotten away with it…annulments are officially and universally as easy to obtain as lottery tickets (especially in Germany), and three Sacramental doctrines are effectively changed. Seems to me this is the decisive moment. If his most recent heretical proclamation stands, the Church doesn’t…..which can’t be, so the preservation will point in the direction (unequivocally) of the SSPX. Am I wrong here? And I ask this sincerely…I so respect your analyses, and I am so thoroughly storm-tossed and spiritually gob-smacked these last 2+ years.


    • You are wrong.
      Doctrine can never be changed.
      Of course, there can be abuses in places. But they would be just that: abuses.
      Truth does not change.

      As to the kicking out, there would have to be reasons grave enough. It is not a political party getting rid of his leader.
      Honestly, I think that the sum total of Francis nonsense can be certainly constructed as “heretical papacy”. But in my eyes only the formal heresy would move the bishops to immediate action. Let us not forget that Honorius and John XXII were tolerated and not deposit even when it was clear they were openly heretical.

  5. Popi Homogoglio to visit pro-homosexual Lutheran cult on November 15:

    On November 15, there will be a 4pm visit to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Rome.

    La Chiesa evangelica luterana in Italia (CELI) ha ugualmente approvato il 14 maggio 2011 un documento che afferma l’equiparazione delle comunioni di vita omosessuali a quelle eterosessuali, e di conseguenza apre la benedizione a qualsiasi tipo di coppia in varie forme di comunione di vita, senza discriminazioni.

    Is he going to share the good news of the Sodo-Synod with them?

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