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And The Pope’s Confessor is….?

From an excerpt of an interview linked on by Father Z. Emphasis mine.


At the end of the interview, the Pope said he goes to confession “every 15 or 20 days” with a Franciscan priest who comes to him at the Vatican. “I never had to call an ambulance to take him back, in shock over my sins!” he joked.

That’s because he is a Franciscan.



There Are No Illegals In Heaven.

He wasn't impressed by all those people wanting to be let in...

There are no illegals in heaven.

No one can hope to get in by occupying tunnels, or impressing the emotional and the slow-witted.

The Authorities of the place are very strict. They are not fooled by rhetoric and emotional appeals.

You can show St Peter as many video as you want of the suffering of those who are outside of the Pearly Gates. Outside they will remain. Entrance is decided strictly according to the will of the Heavenly Government, and the laws of the place. No one, not one single one, is allowed to cheat his way in. No, ma'am, not even you. No, really.

Sorry, Bleeding Heart Journo. You see the man with the keys? He is not impressed.

One day, we will – each one of us – ask for admission. An admission to which we have no right, but of which it has been promised to us that it will not be denied to us, if we have the requisites. The requisites will be measured generously, more generously than we deserve. But they will have to be there. Crucially, unless we have fairly valid reasons why we should get in, and the Authorities decide that we should be granted admission, we will stay out. If we have a place and valid reason to stay in, we will be let in. If we are just trying to smuggle our way simply because to us the place is paradise, we will be left out, and good luck with the whining.

Let us repeat the concept again: if we have no place being in, we will definitively stay out.

If we are Muslims, we will stay out in huge numbers.

Yes, you heard me well. You can switch off the camera now.

There is something you must know.

There are no illegals in heaven.



Easy Annulments: The Foxes In Charge Of The Henhouse

When society had the right priorities, the likes of Monsignor Pinto did not go very far.

Rorate Caeli has the translation of an article appeared in Italian on the day the papal ukase was published. I suggest a strong camomile before you read it. The article is penned by Monsignor Pio Vito Pinto, the chap in charge of the amateurish reform possibly already about to implode.

The biggest pearls as I can see them:

1) If Francis wants to bend the rules for you, you will be made “honorary poor”.

2) Adulterers are now officially poor.

3) For the poor there are other rules than for the non-poor. To them, only mercy applies.

4) The Bishops must come around to see this, and change the way Christianity always thought, because…

5) Christ himself wants it, as manifested in the glorious actions of the Merciful Clown.

6) All this will lead to a vast increase in the number of annulments. So it wasn't about money or speed after all. It was about freeing the “poor” of this terrible burden, a sacrament.

This is satanical. Simply satanical.

I miss the old, dear auto da fe. Those were Christian times. These here are times where people obviously owned by Satan are put in charge by the Pope of changing the annulment process and tampering with the Sacraments.

Time to kick the man out. I hope many bishops will read the article linked to by Rorate, and reach the same conclusion.


Quo Usque Tandem, Francisce, Abutere Patientia Christi?

Quo usque tandem....

I know, I know… I am borrowing heavily from Cicero here. But it seems to me that the Vatican Catilina is not going to enjoy the rest of his disgraceful pontificate, which we hope will be short anyway.

The rather explosive news is now everywhere: a seven-page document gravely accusing Francis of incompetence and tampering with doctrine is being circulated within the Vatican, and has been very fittingly leaked to the press.

We do not have the translation, but there can be no doubt that the content is brutal. From what I can see the grievances concern the obvious shortcomings of Francis both as a spiritual guide (I must smile as I write this; it's like calling Berlusconi an example of chastity) and as an administrator.

As to the first point, the document accuses Francis of opening the door to such abuses as to gravely damage the Sacrament. A fact, this, repeated all the time on Catholic blogs, and which remains true even if the changes aren't, so to speak, openly heretical. Technicalities and procedural simplifications could make a joke of pretty much everything, if the will is there. I have already written (here) and repeat now, that this should be a very vocally discussed issue at the Synod.

As to the second point, the accusations are also very open: Francis is accused of having bypassed the appropriate procedures (and offices) in order to concoct a mess hastily and amateurishly put together; not only showing great incompetence, but revealing an attitude that is the exact contrary of that “collegiality” the Evil Clown loved to mention so often, before discovering how many bishops don't like him one bit.

It goes more explicit still. The veiled admission of an atmosphere of exasperation going near physical violence (You won't find this in the link above; but it was in the original text, as linked here) means that there are those within the Vatican thinking – in plain words – pretty much this: “you are such an ass that you would deserve to have your backside kicked around the Vatican Gardens until you understand how a Pope has to behave; and don't be too sure it won't happen one day, because with such a one as you common rules cease to apply”.

Please reflect on some simple facts concerning the events:

1) seven pages full of accusations. This is a well-thought, organised effort, not the rant of some isolated dissenter.

2) Circulated within the Vatican. Francis has lost control of the Vatican machinery.

3) Leaked to the press so that all the world knows, and Catholics may take heart at the news. Francis has lost the respect of his people, and no one fears such a prime example of stupidity and incompetence.

4) Admission of exasperation to the point of near physical violence. Imagine how utterly and completely despised this man is. Thank God, there are still Catholics in the Vatican!


This thing will now, I think, be hushed. Vatican officials will – in pure Vatican style – run to the microphones and tell us how much everyone is behind Francis, thebelovedpopeofmercywhocaressomuchforthepoor. They will not expect to be believed. They will not want you to believe them. It will be another exercise in Vatican diplomacy. Like last October, when the bishops slapped him in the face one day and swore how orthodox he was the next.

Make no mistake: Francis has been symbolically slapped in the face again, and slapped very hard, by his own Curia, for all the world to see. They have had enough of this South American ass thinking he can do to the Church what Chavez did to Venezuela; and get away with astonishing incompetence as, alas, people like him tend to do in his part of the planet. The Vatican isn't Venezuela, and the Church is a tougher nut to crack.

How long, Francis, will you abuse Christ's patience? We do not know exactly. But it seems the time is running rapidly out for the man, and his game has now become very dangerous.

The Synod might well become very interesting after all.



“Francis Effect”: How The Clowns Have Fallen!

The Pontiac Aztec. Yes, quite...

The news reaches us from several corners that Circus Bergoglio's stay in Philadelphia will not be greeted with enthusiasm by the masses so generously touched by his “mercy”. 3,000 hotel rooms still available out of a total availability of 11,200 is a pretty brutal number. Prices are being slashed accordingly, and extra freebies thrown in. And it's not only the hotel rooms, too. The outdoor mass has sold only 60,000 of the 175,000 expected tickets, I hope they'll start to give them away for free now. But to whom? 5,000 buses should have been registered. Up to now, only 1,100.

It reminds me of the sale of the Pontiac Aztec, a singularly ugly, but “innovative” car. It went on with some (limited) sales for a while, then people realised how horribly, horribly ugly the thing was. Some say the car destroyed the Pontiac brand alone. There's no doubt Francis would do the same with the Church if it were possible. Francis is the Pontiac Aztec of Pontificates. People are merely opening their eyes, and realising they have no time for such rubbish, even if it's “innovative” in some ugly way of his.

Please, please ladies and gentlemen: come to see Circus Bergoglio, in town for just a few days! Jump on your cars, buy that aeroplane ticket, cause an awful lot of co2 emissions! Francis will reward you by telling you how good you are, how bad the Church is, and how glorious life is in Catro's Cuba, where there is no throwaway culture, at all!

When hotel professionals tell you that it is more affordable to get a hotel room during a papal visit than during a large, citywide convention you know the Francis Effect is truly and well gone; and who knows if it was there in the first place, apart from the obvious curiosity for novelty. If a madmen starts freaking out in the middle of the street he will have watchers, too.

How the clowns have fallen! Soon the hoteliers of the next destinations will say to each other “oh, no! Not Francis! Wouldn't have been better to get a good agricultural machines fair?”

Alas, no agricultural machines fair. Francis is all you get.

You had better start slashing your prices now.



“Right to Die”: Britain Still On Its Way To Hell

Last week, the British Parliament has overwhelmingly rejected a law aiming at legalising “assisted suicide”. The law was the usual first step of the satanical incrementalism we always see in these cases: only for terminally ill people with (says doctor) six months to live; suicide must be compos mentis; he must take the poison himself; no doctor obliged to comply. Have no fear. No one will force you to swallow the pills.

It is very clear that all this was a big fig leave: many terminally ill people live far longer than the doctor says, and the doctor would be either under great pressure or ideologically inclined to confirm the short life expectancy; the requirement of the patient to be compos mentis would soon fall if suicide is seen as an acceptable alternative; old and vulnerable people can be put under pressure to put an end to their lives anyway; the doctor would soon have been seen as “suicidephobic”, & Co.

This time, it hasn't worked. The Country is still not satanical enough. It would seem good news.

However, I must notice that nowhere have I noticed the debate put in a Christian frame. The main problem was the protection of the suicide. This once greatest taboo of them all has now become simply non-existent. The debate was largely secular, even when it came from people who are religious (Catholic prelate) or say they are (Anglican clowns). The entire discussion was mainly centred about the easy abuse of any legal opening to suicide. The evil of suicide wasn't part of the wider debate. God was just forgotten or, rather, ignored.

This is a very bad sign. The debate is already framed in a way that must, in time, cause the satanic measure to prevail in some way. The “right to die” meme is now firmly anchored in the collective consciousness of the Britons. The perception that one has, in principle, a “right to die” is clearly mainstream. It is now largely a question of protection: that is, a question of a good compromise between conflicting rights, in which the right to die is now seen by vast parts of the population as a legitimate part of the equation.

This country has become so secular that even people who call themselves church people fail to direct the attention – actually, have no intention of even trying – on what God says. The usual words “weak”, “vulnerable”, “protection”, “guarantees”, “right”, are tossed about with no reference at all to a religious frame.

The law did not pass, but this debate is lost already. Unless the cultural climate changes, the attention will be directed at giving better protection to the vulnerable, not at avoiding the suicide. As the years go by many who still have vestiges of religious feeling will die, and many for whom a man is his own god will reach voting age. Unavoidably, a suicide law will be passed some day.

In the meantime, we will continue with today's practice, with the Crown Prosecution Service showing no intention whatever to crack down on those who abet and assist terminally ill suicides. It will continue to be a dark zone of tolerated suicide, seen by many and prosecuted by none, provided the involved parties keep their mouth shut.

Britain is still on its way to hell. The pace is merely somewhat slower than already feared.



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