Idiots And Heretics

Pope Francis sides with the one on the left.

Pope Francis sides with the one on the left.


Yours Truly’s little effort has been, in the past and actually at times even now, vastly criticised for using that kind of language that would be inappropriate during an afternoon tea with the vicar and the vicar’s wife. Some even got to the point of reminding me that I should not use words like “sodomite” (and colourful reminders of what a sodomite, actually, does) “because of the children”. As if this were a blog for children, or for vicar’s wives. 

It has been, also, constant preoccupation of this effort to express the view that the enemy (be it your activist sodomite, the modernist priest down the road, or a cardinal, or the Pope; than the Pope is no exception, at all) must be mocked, ridiculed, and reduced (figuratively, of course) to finely ground dust, then mockery and ridicule are extremely effective weapons; that we must be far more assertive in our language, and not be afraid of expressing ourselves the contempt and disgust our collective forefathers always had for, say, perverts; and that more in general the heresy rampant within the Church must be called with its own name, and very loudly so, if we want to have results. 

Slowly but surely, Yours Truly’s effort is being vindicated. Within the obvious boundaries set by the constraints of bigger, or even printed publications, I see this attitude getting more and more widespread.

Here, one publication states that the Pope bats with the heretics; there, another publication has on its cover the Pope riding a wrecking ball, launched on a church already vastly in ruins; elsewhere, even blogging priests are starting to pepper their blog posts with “God save us all” expressions when dealing with issuing concerning this astonishingly disgraceful papacy. 

The last commendable step comes from the American Catholic, who are on record with these word: 

We are led by fools and worse than fools.  May God forgive them, and may He, through us, stop them!

Let me translate for you what this means: we are led by idiots and heretics. We hope they manage to repent one day, and avoid the damnation they are most certainly marching towards; and we also hope that we, with God’s grace, will be the ones who stop their idiocy and heresy.

Oh, but why do I waste time explaining this.

You got it already.



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  1. Ad multos annos Mundabor

  2. I would just add that the head of the fools is a genuine raving lunatic.

  3. For what it’s worth, I think you are doing just fine….you are the male version of Anne Barnhardt and the lay version of St. Anthony of Padua, the “Hammer of Heretics” as you probably well know. Yours is the antidote to the fluffly-wuffly Catholic commentary in today’s news and is more reminiscent of what Catholic’s would be hearing prior to VII, before sodomy and adultery became the buzz words for “mercy” and “compassion” and when concern for the Soul preempted concern for the heart.

    If Anne Barnhardt and you wrote with your emotions rather than your Faith, you would be premier writers on Patheos or Aletia. We don’t need more emotional writers to slap us on the back; we need more Catholic writers to slap us in the face; to remind us of what we are and who the enemies are we face, despite their wearing of white, black, purple or red.

    As other bloggers and writers have said, this is war. We don’t so much need an Omar Bradley and his at this particular moment as we do a George Patton, and that includes his stark and in-your-face use of the vernacular.

    • Thanks!
      I would say that in order to be a writer for Patheos or Aleteia I would need additional qualities: the ability to go with the flow, never make my readers angry, and lick the pope’s boots whenever necessary.
      Furthermore, I could wonder whether we “still don’t get it” when I sense the hierarchy is about to welcome heresy and sacrilege, and then I would promptly say “mea culpa” when it turns out I have placed a huge bet on a lame horse.

  4. Let’s not forget your unfailing hope and prayers conveyed for our Holy Father–the scheming, grandstanding, conniving, disingenuous, narcissistic, media-craven, Catholic piety loathing, Marxist-embracing, Modernist, Jesuitical pope that he is. You have been steadfast in your supplication that he he repent. And you’ve consistently down-dressed those who wish him damnation. You are truly Catholic.

    • Thanks, Akita.
      Yes, I wish him repentance and conversion from all my heart. It would be wonderful to be able to embrace him in heaven, also because it would mean that I have made it to there.
      I must add, though, that I think the man is marching toward hell happily sipping mate, and the stink of reprobation is strong in this one.
      Still, being Pope has the huge advantage that countless people pray for him. Even I… 😉

  5. Dearest Mundy,

    I’m sure you’ve heard or read by now of the story about Bergo having wanted to be a butcher when he was just a lad.

    Before he was a bouncer.

    Before he taught his nephew foul words.

    Given his meat-headed ideas and his hamstrung efforts to rig the synod, I’m surprised he isn’t busy at Casa Santa Marta stuffing sausages with Ricca.

    So to speak.

  6. “xonstant preoccupation of this effort to express the view that the enemy …must be mocked, ridiculed, and reduced (figuratively, of course) to finely ground dust…”

    Then why does everyone tell me I must not expose my vicar for having a double life, hiding wife and daughter?

    • I did not think Anglicans must hide their wife?
      Perhaps it is bad for their career if they are seen to be hetero?

      If you mean, however, a dean, then I think you should write to the bishop and let all those know who need to know. Of course, if you are sure.
      At least this is what I would do. But then again I am not your “everyone”…

    • Or I can try another answer:
      because they do not want the man to be kicked out. They are perfectly fine with the priest with the secret family on the side, because it allows them to fornicate, contracept and perhaps even abort more easily.

    • It could be that. A woman in Legion of Mary (the women in this group protect him) said: “people like him, and he’s happy. Christ never said anything against priests getting marryed”….

    • When I read this I felt such a smell of sulphur I had to open the window.

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