“Family Day 2016” in Rome: Feast Your Eyes!


Our life, our sweetness and our hope.


The photos you see here (if you know Rome you have an idea of the vastness of the Circo Massimo, and it appears many preferred to remain in the outer spaces to avoid being packed inside) should be a joy for every Catholic heart young and old.

This huge gathering took place without any sponsoring of or encouragement from the Vatican.

I will be frank here, and at the cost of appearing defeatist I must state that I have no realistic hope that Italy will avoid going down the slippery slope of institutionalised and, one day, encouraged, sexual perversion. But events like these show how deeply sanity is eradicated in very many Italian minds.

This was achieved with a de facto boycott from the Vatican. Imagine what would have been possible if there had been Catholics at the top of the Barque. 

May those at the Vatican, whatever the colour of their cassock (for those who still wear one), pay the ultimate price for their complicity with evil if they die unrepentant.

It does not matter how many battles get lost on the day; one day, with the help of the Blessed Virgin, both the Church and my beloved Country will go back to sanity.

Alas, I doubt that I will see that day.



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  1. mundabor , I pray daily for your country. Indeed I feel called to help missionise it.

  2. I had read Dear Leader pressured the bishops to have nothing to do with Family Day in Rome. He will use all his resources to crusade against so called “climate change”, but does nothing against the evil of legalizing sodomy.

  3. I want one here in Calgary. I know, I know… Here we have the persecution of Bishop Henry by Catholics for opposing state-imposed extreme changes in Catholic schools – promotion of perversion and gender confusion.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, I doubt we’ll hear about this great event in the US, except from you. How good to see people of all ages gathering in support of the family. Wiggling my bunny ears in delight!

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