A New Level Of Ridicule: Suggestions For FrancisChurch



The Evil Clown has today reached a new level of ridicule by suggesting that to the clearly imperfect, incomplete, not at all environmental and peaceful Works of Mercy further two should be added: the first one (that would be the spiritual one)consists in thinking like an enviro pacifist fag, and the second (that would be the corporal one) in behaving like an enviro pacifist fag.

Congratulations to the Evil Clown. This was an excellent way to show to everyone with a brain which one his religion is (hint: #neverCatholicism).

I now proceed to some hypotheses concerning how the new religion of enviro fag peace might be developed, and what the next moves of the new FrancisChurch might be. You read it here first, folks!

An addition to the “Our Father”, with words like “and let us not offend the common home”. I know, the words of the Our Father come from Our Lord himself. But hey, in those times we just weren’t ready for the whole message.

A new decade of the Rosary, the “green peace mysteries”. They would show how merciful, peaceful and environmentally conscious Jesus was. For example when he killed the fig tree, whipped the merchants in the temple, or threatened the lukewarm with hell.

An addition to the Hail Mary, with words like “Dominus Orbisque Tecum”, in FrancisSpeak “the Lord and the common home are with thee”. Will be taught to children of three to make sure they get FrancisChurch early.

There might be further moves, but I think these ones here are the most probable.

As I have said many times, this man is just plain stupid. He is so stupid, that he never got what Catholicism is, and what a clown he makes of himself by trying to remake it in his own image. We must thank God that as He allows us to be punished by such a bad Pope, He gives us ample way to understand what an enemy of the Church he is.

Pray for the poor deluded idiot. It is terrifying only to think what pit of hell awaits him if he dies unrepentant.



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  1. The next new “work of mercy” will be to care for the intergalactic space? 😉

  2. Now I understand why Bergie walks with such unusualness: he doesn’t utilize toilet paper on His Holy Bottom.

    But, that’s okay…he isn’t destroying the environment for the sake of a bit of vanity.

    I’d suggest that all bloggers encourage their readers to rid themselves of such a needless and wasteful bad habit.

    That’s the smell of the sheep.

  3. My friend Mark has already ‘composed’ the New Ecumenical Mysteries which I don’t think he will mind me sharing here:
    1.MartinLuther posts the ninety-five theses
    2. Henry VIII executes Thomas More & John Fisher
    3.NotreDame Cathedral becomes the Temple of Reason
    4. John XXIII opens the Second Vatican Council
    5.John Paul II hosts the Day of Prayer at Assisi

  4. The evilness of this Clown appears limitless. Did you see how our supposed “environmental sins” are now to be a part of the examination of conscience?!?! How does one even think of such vile concepts without direct communication with Satan? It’s textbook evil- take something a good, pure, and utterly Catholic practice and twist, pervert, and pollute it to render an instrument that actually lead people away from Truth and eternal life. I agree, we must pray that he converts to Catholicism and immediately begins living a life of penance and reparation.

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