How To Read The Polls

The MSM are shouting so loud one would think they are panicking.

Absurd, totally unrealistic advantages for Clinton of between 9 and 16 points clearly show how far away from reality – and how openly sold to Hitlery – these people have become.

The narrative – a very dangerous one, if you ask me – is to have the MSM declare Hitlery’s victory, thus discouraging Trump voters. This is what the Hitlery campaign planned all along.  

It is a very dangerous game. The way I understood the last months, Trump voters are the very last people who stay home because they know they are going to lose. Actually, knowing they are going to lose will motivate them to vote even more.

Granted, Trump certainly has – like Clinton – a number of tepid supporters; but in my estimation tepidity is far more spread in the Hitlery camp. Security of victory may well demotivate more than fear of defeat.

Is, therefore, this strategy really smart? These are people who can’t rally around Hitlery more than a couple of hundred rabid activists whilst Trump must send back supporters thousands at a time! If you already have an “enthusiasm gap”, is it wise to widen it?

Mind, I am not saying that Trump will win, much less in a landslide. Whilst it may still happen, the reality on the ground appears to be that this is close. It is a newly born movement of true patriots, against the ever growing mass of people who simply have to profit financially – or think they have to profit financially – from voting Hitlery: minorities, unemployed, low-income Starbucks graduates, stupid men afraid to think like men, stupid women voting with their vaginas, and an undetermined mass of brainwashed mediocre intellects posting platitudes on their Facebook wall in order to feel profound.

It is, probably, very close, and our chances are not bad. But this requires a total effort of mobilisation to the very end.

This is how you should read the polls. The Democrats and their lackey of the press are playing a very obvious, very dangerous game of declared victory. It may well backfire. But as it is now, the most reasonable assumption is that this is very close.

Your vote, and your help in getting the vote out, are extremely important.


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  1. Another dangerous factor in this election, is the so called rigged vote. Liberal media criticize Trump for his accusations but as I live in the liberal wasteland of the state of Illinois, as well as in its capitol of liberalism, Chicago, birth place of the Hillary, political home of Obama, Axelrod, Emanual and the rest of the extended Soros family, I can tell you vote fraud is alive and well here. It is funny how when my parents, life long Republicans, pass away and move into St. Michael’s cemetery they immediately begin to vote Democrat. All that was missing was the Democrat yard sign next to the tombstone. We have learned prior to the election in 2012, on a Illinois radio show that conservative Jack Roeser used to host, that certain model voting machines could be reprogrammed by a simple cell phone. I am urging all Illinois voters at least to wait to vote until election day and vote in their own precincts. I used to do the early voting but have found out that the absentee ballot is the most susceptible to fraud followed by the early vote. We have already read about a postal worker in Ohio bragging how she managed to destroy many Trump absentee votes. Interesting side note too, a George Soros firm does supply voting machines to certain municipalities in Illinois. Could we expect anything else? On just about all of the RSS feeds on my tridentinecatholic website are urging Catholics to vote for Trump. I hope American Catholics listen this time and not turn out 54% of the vote for the baby killer candidate like they did in 2008 and 2012. May our Lord save the United States of America.

  2. Bridget Swanson

    Everything I see about “get out and vote” and previously “get out and register to vote” has been directed at the Hillary crowd. Most Trump supporters are cautiously optimistic. We know this is a long-shot. A lot can go wrong. We also know what’s at stake.

    If Hillary wins, expect to see American free speech to be chipped away with “Hate Speech laws” and expect the Supreme Court to be packed with activist liberals. You’d have to be pretty die-hard with the left to want to see that happen, or a complete coward.

    There are a lot of old-school (read: union) democrats who hate this social justice party they find themselves in. I don’t know if the true left (crazy women, minorities, whiny men) have enough numbers to win if those union dems break ranks. We’ve been working hard to get those dems on Trump’s side or at least to vote 3rd party.

    If Trump wins, expect a glorious meltdown from the Hillary-bots. If Hillary wins, we know who our enemies are.

  3. I’m in a swing state and plan to vote for Trump. Yes, let’s hope the obnoxious press gets their ears boxed for this travesty ala Brexit. God bless~

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