Be Vigilant, And Prefer A Paper Ballot

News from Texas reaches us that in several cases, the electronic voting machine switched the vote to Clinton after the voter had chosen Trump. I can't imagine that these are isolated cases. Therefore, I invite all my readers to

pay attention that the machine confirms Trump before the vote confirmation,

Spread the word about the possibility of fraud and let all their friend and acquaintances know about it,


Ask for a paper ballot whenever possible.

I am, as all my readers know, no friend of conspiracy theories; but in the US the tradition of vote fraud has been constant – if probably never decisive – for many decades, and this is not the time to be relaxed about it.

I want to hope that there are robust safeguards in place for what happens after your electronic vote was given (and it is fairly easy to have them with a paper ballot), but there can be no doubt that if your machine releases a Clinton vote for a Trump one that vote will go to Hitlery, full stop.

Be very vigilant. Warn everyone. Defend the democratic institutions of your Country for what is in your power.

And pray.

And then pray more.





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  1. “in the US the tradition of vote fraud has been constant – if probably never decisive”

    1960. Kennedy wins the election because of Illinois. Kennedy wins Illinois because of fraud by the Democrat machine in Chicago. Without this fraud, Kennedy never gets to the White House, is not assassinated in 1963, LBJ never becomes President in a landslide, never gets the majorities to pass the 1965 Immigration Act and all his other disastrous leftist laws, never mishandles Vietnam and the racial issues to have them become the festering wounds that inspire the 1968 movement around the world.

    Vote fraud changed the course of world history right there…

    2008. Al Franken is elected Senator for Minnesota by a very narrow margin because of the dead voting multiple times: Had they voted only once, he would still have lost… ;). He is the decisive vote on breaking the filibuster to pass the original Obamacare law (on a party line vote right before Christmas and the election of Scott Brown). Without him, no Obamacare law. Without vote fraud, no Senator Franken.

    Vote fraud changed the course of American politics and society.

    So, yes, American vote fraud by democrat machines in the big cities is one of the chief reasons things ever got as bad as they are now.

    But paper ballots do not solve the problem of vote fraud. See: Bremen, Germany and the recent Austrian presidential election. Vote counting also has to be made public in order to be safe. Ideally, the entire counting process would be livestreamed for all to watch, in addition to having observers from all parties present during the entire voting process from the first ballots cast to the last one re-counted, including all transportation of ballot boxes etc.

    • nothing is perfect, but paper ballots are more difficult to manipulate.
      Where I come from there wewre, i the past, extremely hard rules against fraus (I might write on that).
      Paper ballots only.

    • In Germany, we also have only paper ballots. It does make manipulation more difficult, I agree. Though the system could still be improved. With paper ballots you have to make sure the counting process is honest, which is the problem in Germany. In one case, in Bremen, you actually had school children counting ballots. They simply “disappeared” ballots marked for the AfD and BiW parties, which they had been taught were Evil Nazis. This resulted in one party losing a seat and the other missing the required threshold for proportional representation.

      Nobody knows how many votes they received, because the ballots are nowhere to be found. They must have been destroyed. The only possible remedy would have been to repeat the election at least in the districts where such fraud had been proven. But the courts, even though they agreed that there had been fraud, refused to annul the result…

    • I’d love to see the Italian system I grew up in. I might write on that…

  2. The voting process in the US offers multiple opportunities for fraud; attempts to remedy the situation have failed.

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