Shame On You, Britain!

This article gives all the measure of what has become of this Country. It is not only the total lack of humanity of this judge. It is the reason a judge should sit in judgment of the “usefulness” of a life in the first place.

There is not much to add to what I wrote two days ago, and on the post on 20 April. The Nazis are among us, and they will do all they can to decide of our life and liberty if things keep going on this way.

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  1. England is ground central to the Satanists/globalist child raping, sacrificing monsters. The judge who ‘convicted’ Alfie probably gets big bonus points to his boss, Satan—he is reportdly a sodomite Mason, but I repeat myself. The hospital was involved in a long standing scandal of harvesting the deceased/murdered children’s organs. Alfie won’t leave this world intact if they have anything to say about it.

  2. This judge is not acting alone. The ‘doctors’ or the medical profession have worked in cahoots with the courts since their inception. It’s a fact.
    Also part of the chattering classes are the top civil servants along with the elite of the universities.
    All these along with government have backed each other to the hilt for years and years no matter how idiotic.
    It’s how they do business and it allows the control cash flow etc.
    Unfortunately, churches too have been part of this governance system used in all first world countries.
    It’s not as simple as it appears and that doesn’t make it right but, arrogance knows no bounds when this variety shines forth.

  3. We knew it was coming to this. It doesn’t lessen the blow to see it. They are winning. They are in the power seats and they are deciding life and death, or helping by remaining silent.
    For my little part, I will never see Great Britain the same way again. I regret the English blood that remains in my DNA. I wish I could change it to Italian, a much more compassionate people of action, not idle words that actually say nothing.
    Archbishop Paglia, a disgrace! How did that festering boil come to be involved with “life”? These men have nothing to do with life, they are about death, if it’s not the disordered death of their own practices it is outright death, the death of an innocent child and the public humiliation of his father.
    And where is the “Pope of Mercy”? He who can speak so strongly when it’s something that matters to him. I’ve learned when he stands there in a photo op with a sourpuss on his face it does not bode well for the outcome. He made the same face with President Trump that he did with poor Alfie’s dad.
    Where is the Royal Family? They who are celebrating a new life, life for them yes, but not for Alfie! I will never see them the same way, nor cheer their victories.
    Where are the bishops! We see that not even the horrendous treatment of this dad and mom, the fact they are denying a chance for this little boy to live, will rouse them off their asses. They are a useless lot! A pox on them all.

  4. johnfkennedy63

    England, at least in the big cities, is post Christian.
    The Mayor of Londonistan is a perfect example of the societal rot.

  5. Both recent posts are spot on regarding the state of the UK. People need to wake up and stop voting into power those who wish to destroy us. We have a “Christian” prime minister who supports abortion and sodomy. We have a monarch with the title “defender of the faith” who rubber stamps all anti-christian legislation. We have bishops without backbone. Some good news: this Sunday there is to be a rosary on the coast. Please pray for England.

  6. Alfie Evans is dead, RIP.
    We are sure of one thing: the horrid ghost of Sparta AGAIN is taking over Europe.
    That hospital would have to be renamed “Mount Taygetus.” There the same thing is done—the State rules the elimination of the “useless”, with one difference: these modern gerontes babble about “the good of the child”, “sad situation” and also weep a little —a tear is enough. Those of the Antiquity were brutal, but the present ones, in addition, hypocrites.

  7. johnfkennedy63

    Well, it’s over now. The Death Cult “doctors” of modern England over a toddler. May God grant him peace and Joy.

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