Fifty Shades Of Libtard

Eric Schneiderman was the Attorney General for the once great state on New York. His position basically put him on a huge political trampoline, with only the sky as the limit.

The man was also a vocal feminist, tweeting like a histerical Hollywood actress about the #metoo thingy.

This particular example of Aggressive Libtard has fallen very, very hard today as allegation of massively abusive, violent behaviour have been published, no less, on the chic-Libtard New Yorker; which, by the way, tells you they must have seen the accusations as very credible, as Libtards tend to ptotect their very own.

This isn’t Rhett Butler asserting his marital rights; not even some twisted version of “Fifty Shades of Libtard”. If the allegations are true, this is a vicious level of violence. Forget Rhett Butler, think American Psycho: The Prequel instead. Such are the people Libtard put in power, and propel towards the highest echelons of American politics.

Schneiderman was Attorney General. If the allegations prove truthful, there can be no doubt he derived an additional, twisted pleasure from abusing his power, like a real-life version of the main character in the movie Indagine su un Cittadino sopra ogni sospetto.

A twisted, sick individual in both cases. But the Libtard one very real.

Well, how should I put it.

#YouToo, damn cretin.


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  1. ilovevictoriasbows

    Let’s not leave out his liberal feminist activist female victims who advocated prominently the feminist misandry and anti-patriarchy whilst humping the violent abuser. They enabled Schneiderman by putting up with his abuse, he knowing that another liberal female starry eyed floozy was awaiting a prominent powerful man. The hypocrisy of the skanks who lined up to bed him, now ‘the victims’, are liberal feminist activists, #FightPatriarchy and proudly #ShoutYour(STD)Status. Skanks, one and all.

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