Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Take 1


Take 2



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  1. When I was a young & properly haberdashered scoundrel, the Pope’s picture pose was one of my “go-to moves” when attempting to secure the attentions and affections of a young lass or dame.

    Gladly, I relinquished proprietary hold of that seductive embellishment when I turned about 14.

    Very weird & immature for an adult male.

  2. Kathleen O'Regan

    Love that lady in the upper right. She’s got his number alright. Is this type of effeminate behavior common in Argentina? That is one thing I don’t know. It is clearly effeminate in the states, no straight man would be part of this posture unless they were closely related.
    I cannot believe at all the “butch” guy here is 16 years old, which is what is being said.
    No way! He’s got slack skin on his neck and hands, his eyebrows are not that of a 16 year old, which are almost always tidy. He’s got a furrow next to his nose that indicates age. That space is filled in in younger people. This guy looks about 30-ish.
    An altogether illuminating photo, which reveals why our homosexual chickens have come home to roost.

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