About the Evil that God Allows

Frankie has done it again.

In his boundless desire to spit in the face of Catholicism he has signed, together with some Mohammedan, a declaration stating that God “willed” a plurality of religions.

You see where this is going: the usual stuff of “we are all so wonderful in our own, unique, God-willed way, so there is no need to convert anyone”.

If Francis were Catholic, he would know the fundamental difference between what God wills and what God allows. God always allows something that is wrong in order that, in some way at times not intelligible to us, some good may come of it.

A young woman is raped. Did God will it? Not in the sense that he wanted it. However, he certainly allowed it to happen. Is rape therefore something good? Certainly not.

Heresy causes great saints. An unjust war of aggression causes an awful lot of prayer. Francis causes some people to really discover Catholicism. Obama causes Trump. Rape causes… Santa Maria Goretti!

All of these things are, undoubtedly, evil. However, Providence arranges the world in such a way that even the evil God allows mysteriously, but invariably, works for the triumph of what is good.

If one does not understand this basic concepts, Christianity has no meaning to him. In his mind everything is then allowed and even good, because everything was willed by God. From fornication to cocaine and from abortion to sodomy, everything is sanctioned and cleansed of any stigma. Hey, it is God-willed…

Francis either does not understand Christianity or, much more likely, hates it.

The key to understanding this Pontificate lies in the correct perception of the hate of this man against everything that is good and holy.


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  1. His venom for Catholicism and faithful Catholics is so well documented it could be a book.
    He takes pleasure in the power he wields in the office. It is an instrument he uses to batter faithful Catholics again and again. The man is a sadist. What else do you call a man who uses every possible opportunity to bludgeon anything remotely Catholic or of tradition, but not just that, really going out of his way to rub our noses in it. This is not a man who is accidentally heretical or a modernist. Not at all. It is with all intention he says and does whatever is guaranteed to be most upsetting to the faithful. This man is evil, evil, evil. No one could be this much a destroyer unintentionally. He has caused so much damage around the world. He has played a major role in destroying Christendom. One could say he inflicted the fatal blow with his papacy. He has been wildly successful in his destruction, and no end seems in sight.

  2. God allows a Pope Francis, and now many Catholics are finally waking up and speaking out against the evil that this hierarchy is doing to His Church.

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