Francis’ Downfall And God’s Sense Of Humour

As the latest charade of the Evil Clown on the crimes of his protegees is about to begin, the Washington Post publishes the story of the Provolo Institute.

I have already written in detail the shocking story of this institution, and I invite you to use a search engine – or the search function of this blog – to locate it. The story in itself is not new, neither is the fact that it appears clear that Francis knew, or refused to know, about what was happening and did nothing.

What is new is the fact that even a symphatising publication like WaPo breaks ranks with the leftist establishment and publishes the most abrasive – albeit very softly worded – indictment of the hypocritical behaviour of the Evil Clown even as his fake exercise is about to begin. This is a blow straight to the sternum of the Pope.

The brutal truth is that Francis is not only a heretic who hates Catholics (WaPo is very fine with this), but one who has clearly protected paedos in his function as Pope. This, the world cannot, and will not, forgive, “humble Pope” or not.

Now, don’t get me wrong: Francis’ protection of the criminal behaviour of perverted priests is as bad in my book as it is in the world’s. But in my book, heresy is even worse; something which the secular minds of the Washington Post would very possibly be unable to grasp even after several hours of great effort.

The bottom line? Francis is going down, fast and hard. The more he lives, the more he will be compromised, then it is clear by now that his collection of skeletons must be quite remarkable. However, he will not go down for raping the Church, about which the world, the Cardinals and the Bishops, almost to a man, do not care. He will go down for displeasing the world instead.

Everyone who thinks God does not have the most divinely refined sense of humour is simply not paying attention.


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  1. That’s good news. How ironic, the very secular folks he bends over backward to please with his agreement with the world that homosexuality is normal is being criticized for harming those the world still wishes to protect.
    Here is Hilary White say the Sex Summit in Rome is all about normalizing homosexuality.

  2. This WaPo article is a hopeful sign that the liberal press may be getting tired of accommodating their gay-friendly pope. The MSM’s moral bar is set very low but the abuse and cover-up of deaf-mute children, the ideal victims for pervs, is something even they have difficulty tolerating. However, Francis still has plenty of fans – he’s the favorite pope of communists, homosexuals, and abortionists all over the world.
    Yes, it would be ironic if he is brought down by the outrage of the secular world instead of the church hierarchy. It was their duty to at least attempt a deposition based on his almost daily heresy and blasphemy.

  3. It was a long work day for me, so forgive me if I missed the point, but I can’t help noticing that the ‘opposition’ is really struggling to make themselves sound sincere or real in the middle of their current malfunction. It may not last. Francis may somehow prove his ‘convictions’, but it will be interesting to watch the squirming.
    Thanks for your priceless commentary!

  4. The pope who would please the world will be crucified by the world. A fitting end

  5. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the media minds the pope’s protection of child molesters as it does the unpleasant truths once those topics are brought up, that the overwhelming majority of sexual abuse victims are teenage boys and young men. This makes the nature of the problem obvious for even the media, a homosexual problem not “pedophilia”, a truth many are still trying to avoid.
    The sexual corruption of a boy by a perverted male (priest) is so heinous an act, that it is similar in some way to abortion. If anyone were to actually (God forbid) witness the act, they would spend the rest of their days fighting against it, now fully understanding the devastating nature of what was committed.
    God protect all the vulnerable, the babies, the children, the young people, from men who will do them harm.

  6. Believe me that he has no “Fear of the Lord.”

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