Francis, Toys, Pram.

The fake synod about the Vatican’s fake concern about dealing with paedos has come to an end and, predictably, it was another PR disaster.

Francis, whose incompetence and stupidity are rapidly becoming apparent to non-Catholics, has used his final address for some vague blabla about the issue, whilst he accused the press of amplifying it too much.

As far as I can see, not one word about the central issue: homosexuality among the clergy.

Reflect for a moment on the immense arrogance of a man who, forced to pretend that he is doing something, does not even manage to do a bit of pretending without his total disinterest for the issue emerging.

My impression is that the man is now basically throwing toys out of the pram, out of spite and childishness, as he often does; and seeing enemies in all but the only category of people he should see as his real enemies: homosexual prelates and their enablers. This explains decisions like the role given to Cupich in this synod, or the appointment of Farrell as Camerlengo. These are the people who would go down, or to jail, if the Big Clean-up were to start. They will stay on his side to the end. He knows he can count on them as even the secular press is forced to see Francis for what he is: an incompetent buffoon without any other interest than the preservation of his job and its ruthless, childish enjoyment for all the time left to him.

Francis can’t even pretend to care a straw. This is how arrogant and stupid he is. He is as if the worst bully among the pupils were suddenly made headmaster. Francis is just that boy, catapulted to a role so much bigger than him that he can’t even understand the first two things of what is good for him.

Pity the old nincompoop. And pray that he may die soon.


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  1. Given the increasing negative view of Francis among the MSM the time may have come when, say, a dozen Cardinals could challenge him by merely speaking the truth about homosexuality being the primary cause of sexual abuse. Or has acedia among the clergy so weakened them that even a dozen Cardinals could not be found to speak the truth? I suspect the latter.

  2. I agree with most of what you say but is it really right to pray for someone’s death? Shouldn’t we be praying for Francis’ repentance and conversion? If he dies now, he is assuredly going to hell. I would never wish that on anyone. Thank you for your work.

    • After the Three Tenors, I would frankly not want to be inflicted the Three Popes, too. Francis’ death would not necessarily mean hell as the state of his soul at death is not decided by us but by God. Still, to us the Church is always more important than an individual. No-one is glad Von Stauffenberg failed because Hitler more time to save his soul.

  3. According to Saint Augustine, we are to positively rejoice when those who deserve Hell finally get there. The torments of the damned are a vindication of the faithful.

  4. It’s almost impossible for Satan’s high priest to repent and giving up his freewill. God never forces anybody to choose. By the way Heaven and Hell, God’s perfect justice. Agree that the Church is important, a Noah’s boat, but if someone was trying to sink the boat what would Noah suppose to do, forgive him or kick him out? Never heard of hardcore, mass murderers like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Polpot etc repented. Any kingdom has a jail.

  5. As others have commented elsewhere, pray for Bergoglio’s continued good health. His successor will be more intelligent, and a lot smoother.

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