The SSPX and the New Normality

The SSPX has reacted to Pope Francis’ “False religions are willed by God” “interfaith” statement. A tad slow, our friends, you might say. However, no-one doubted on which side they were, and I do not think that the SSPX should feel obliged to react to current events within the news cycle. Still, one notices Cardinal Mueller did pretty much the same job in a fraction of the time.

This statement should reassure all those who had felt abandoned by the SSPX because they were being a tad slow. However, people of such little faith and such precipitous pessimism will always be ready to announce the end of the world every time something does not go according to their very fearful taste; therefore, I will leave them to their own fears.

The statement in itself is not really news, because entirely predictable and anticipated in its content. What is, however, rapidly becoming news is that Francis is being condemned from both the right (read: those who are right) and the left. Quite an accomplishment for a man extremely known for his propensity to the easy gestures and the cheap slogans: the wheelchairs, the acts of “humility”, the hotel bill and the Renault 4, all that kind of easy, approval-seeking Kindergarten exercises. With all that dumb stuff going on, and the white tunic to boot, how can a Pope become the object of worldwide criticism?

With all this, and with all the immense goodwill a Pope will be entitled to, Francis has still managed to be shot at from all side. His toxic combination of heresy, arrogance, incompetence, communism, and even downplaying of paedophilia is probably unique on the planet, it is a satanic cocktail so evidently poisonous that even the BBC slowly notices it.

This man is quite the circus attraction. It will be entertaining to see him digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself as he keeps insulting everybody and condemning everything that is not just as dumb as he is. It is, at the same time, a great grace given to us: so that, once realised that this disgraceful Pontificate is but the explosion of the bubo of Vatican II, we can at least be glad that we have been given an enemy so easy to spot, unable to deceive even those dullest and dumbest of people: mainstream journalists.

The real news today is not that the SSPX has reacted to the 4 February statement.

It is that it has now become the new normality that nobody, nobody but a bunch of homo prelates can stand this guy.


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  1. I have been a supporter/Mass attender of the SSPX since the 1980s. I have had some episodes of frustration with their politics through the years. I pray for their continued strength and faithfulness, so that they might continue to instruct the faithful on the true Mass and sacraments, and aid in the restoration of the Church. As usual, thanks for your post.

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