The Age Of The Clowns

This year, I was in serious difficulties in the choice of my April Fool’s post. I want my April Fool’s to be outlandish, but not entirely absurd. Not an easy thing to do if our Pope is called Francis.

Francis had made of absurdity a daily event. He has instaured a Bizarro Papacy where the Pope does and say exactly the contrary of what a Pope should do. Your irony can easily be overtaken by reality.

Something of the sort happened, in fact, yesterday, though I am sure the Evil Clown did not mean it as an April Fool. The guy literally went to the boundary between Morocco and Spain and… decried the existence of barriers at the boundary! The man who lives surrounded by the Leonine Walls, themselves surrounded by the Aurelian Walls.

A post like that – describing the one-world antics of a Pope – would have been a very nice April Fool in normal times, but it was actual headlines in the Age of The Clowns: a time in which a Pope, a so-called Dalai Lama, and a so-called Archbishop of Canterbury compete with each other on who is most outrageous.

Pity the poor sods, because they know what they are doing.


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  1. At this point, I think we are all falling into a state best called “numb”.

  2. I suppose he wants us to get with the program….all things temporal and secular take precedence over the sacred and eternal. No thanks. I will pass. I pray for his conversion from amorality as I continue to pray for his failure, which is self inflicted. (No wonder suicide is to be condoned in his world). The pillars of the church will remain long after he has departed. May his departure be rapid and soon.

  3. One on a somewhat anti-Catholic Anglican blog ran with: “Pope Francis proclaims Thomas Cranmer ‘Doctor of the Church.’” Too close for comfort.

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