The V II Clergy And Their Accomplices

I write often about the responsibility the faithful bear for the current situation. I think about this, in fact, every time I inflict a V II Mass on myself.

So many people on the Sanctuary, you could make a football team out of them. Uncaring chatting before the beginning of Mass, and the Church treated as if it were the village hall. Children allowed to behave as they please, spending their time with colouring pencils when they do not cry, or scream, or walk about, or talk to their parents, completely oblivious of being in a sacred space, and assisting to a sacred rite. In Summer, flip flops, sandals, and bermudas like there is no tomorrow. I could go on, but I think you all know what I am talking about.

The sense of the sacred has been put in the hearts of men by God Himself. Even the Heathen have it. Any person with a honest approach to his faith should, when attending a modern, typical V II Mass, instinctively know that there is something fundamentally wrong going on. These are people with no desire for the sacred in their life, and no desire to transmit anything of it to their children.

Similarly, the fact that there is a lot missing should be noticed very fast by everyone who ever cared to read the Gospels, and to compare their message with the insipid homilies he hears every week. There, a strong message about right and wrong, sin and obedience, hell and heaven. Here, “the joy of Christ” as the modern kool-aid meant to make you forget everything else.

No, it seems to me that the modern pewsitters are accomplices of their clergy in their unfaithfulness. They are fed rubbish, and want more of it. It is not that they don’t know any better. It is that they sense the obligations and inconvenience this better would create for them and prefer the Kindergarten-cum-village-hall, and the priest avoiding the real issues.

The laity has, globally speaking, no excuses. They are part and parcel of the current problem. Perhaps a tenth has a longing for the old time religion; the other nine tenths want the kindergarten. Their children will think that, once grown up, there is no reason to attend kindergarten, and the attendance will plummet again whilst the circus tries to become more entertaining and more of a kindergarten.

No generation like ours has had the opportunity to inform itself about sound Catholicism. People with a degree or superior education have no excuse for not investigating their religion when they themselves are experts about lawn mowing, souffle baking, or whatever requires them to actually get some specialist knowledge. There is simply no excuse for the perpetuation of an offensive Mass and of a watered-down religion. It is, for the most part, what the pewsitter want.

Were it not so, we would have seen change a long, long time ago.

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  1. I agree Mundy.I dont attend funerals in the V 11 rite as i think that they are Blasphemous.Everyone is going to Heaven and to hear the tiresome ,apology for ,eulogy makes me cringe.My intention,when the Lord calls me ,will be the Traditional Rite of funeral.As far as Vat 11 Masses go i agree about the insulting manner of the folks in the pew playing around and chatting-all this in a Holy Place.Whats more the Priest doesnt seem to care any more.No word about Confession-not a word.God Bless.

  2. Yes, they love the Novus Ordo, they love Vatican II, they love Pope Francis. Why? Because they are recipients of Christ without the Cross (Vatican II-ism) which boils down to doing just about anything–especially sexually–that your untrained conscience says is OK.

    To check out how some Catholics think about Vatican II check out the Facebook comments made about The Catholic Thing’s article by Anthony Esolen

  3. I pray, dear sir, that you have access to a Tridentine Mass.

  4. J M Butkiewicz

    Get ye to the Traditional Latin Mass!

  5. The problem is that they do not know that they do not know for they trusted the new orientation (disorientation) of their pastors and teachers because they could not conceive of such a monstrous thing occurring. An analogy is the now recognized homosexuality in the priesthood. The normal person does not focus on what out to be an exception and a degrading one at that, so that they were shocked to tbe point of scandal. Should we blame them here as well? The sheep were ingrained with trusting the shepherd.

  6. Mary K Jones

    Bull’s eye. This is an excellent summary. Thank you, again.

  7. Fr. Francis Gallagher

    M, why would anyone with your knowledge and love of the Truth go anywhere near the Mass of the revolution? Are you not confirming priests and pew sitters that it really IS OK to imbibe inanities, before, during and after the reinvented synagogue service?

    • I fear for my soul if I don’t. I fear a slippery slope of carelessness and pride. I fear I will become one of those who make their own religion.

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