On The Matter Of The Disgraceful Pope

I write a good number of posts about the antics of the disgraceful Pope currently defacing the Church. A Leitmotiv of my reflections is the, in my eyes very obvious and banal, consideration that it is not for me to say who is the Pope. I tend to be a rather down-to-earth guy, not inclined to conspiracy theories and fantasy solutions to real problems.

The sun goes up in the East; water is wet; Francis is Pope.

Whatever Francis does, he is still Pope until something happens (he dies, hopefully soon, or he is deposed) that makes him stop being Pope. And yes, even the one whom some insist in considering the “true Pope” (an old man of 92, therefore condemning the position to total failure, and actually to sedevacantism, in a very short time) disagrees with them. It does not get more absurd than this. It is an escape from reality, that does not become less real if you make a 23 hours documentary about it.

It seems to me that these escapists are all linked by a common reasoning: this Pope is so atrocious that he cannot be Pope. Therefore, I must go finding a Pope whenever I can and hey, look, there is an old guy over there who still dresses in white! He thinks and says out loud that Francis is the one in charge, but why would I care? He gives me the balm I so urgently need. Screw reality and common sense. He is my guy.

If you ask me, what these escapist Catholics all fail to understand is the magnitude of the betrayal of Vatican II. When they realise the scale of the offence to God that the event (actually, the “movement”) represented, you will have no problem at all to understand why Francis is Pope! Francis is nothing more than the living warning, the poster boy of what happens when the clergy (and the faithful who have , in their greater number, accepted or embraced the “movement”) deforms and defaces the Church. From the monstrous, satanic behaviour of the Pope you understand the monstrous, satanic behaviour of the movement that caused him to become Pope.

Francis is, at the same time, punishment and medicine. He is punishment for the arrogance of both clergy and faithful (collectively intended). He is medicine, because every day he persuades some of the more reasonable member of the V II troops that the man is actual evidence that V II was rotten at its very core, and the work of the devil.

No, it is not for me to figure out who is Pope. I know who is Pope, as does all Christianity. But it is for me to reflect how things could come to the point that a man like this one was made Pope. There is only one answer: Vatican II, the most successful subversive movement within the Church in 2000 years, and the work of the devil through and through.

Do not worry for the Church: the Church can withstand fifty Francis. Even the most powerful heretic can only scratch at truth like a child would do with a block of granite. Truth is indestructible, and the Church will, however deformed, continue to preach this truth even if the Pope (and the next twenty Popes) are heretics. But rather, it is reasonable to think that when both clergy and faithful are fed up with heretical Pope, things will start to change.

We are being given a medicine.

Will be swallow and start a process of healing, or make of it Sedevacantist poison?


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  1. God has allowed Francis to be set upon us for a reason. My guess is so we will see the full meaning of the rupture of Vatican II with the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church demonstrated in his malign person. Pope Francis is a vision of the devil.

    “The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away: as it hath pleased the Lord so is it done: blessed be the name of the Lord.”
    —-Job 1:21

  2. Great way of thinking about it–that Francis is both medicine and poison. I gathered from other posts that you weren’t a believer in the “Barnhardt thesis”. Ann herself is quite convinced however. The solution to the Church’s problem is certainly going to be bottom-up rather than top-down. Thanks and God bless you.

  3. Bill Marshall

    This is one of your better posts. You are 100% correct. We know what the end results will be; it’s just our job to endure the agony in getting there. Keep up the good work.

  4. As a person trained in forensics..the idea that people doing ill leave behind a trail of evidence that can be discovered enabling the development of a timeline of events leading to a prosecution is a “simple truth” lived by many everyday. The Church already has evidence of a group’s existence, its members, its goal, its actions and and most critically – its intent. I do not see the “escapism” in investigating. I personally view the position that an investigation of a probable crime – probable because of an established confession of a Cardinal, – does not warrant an investigation is akin to an ostrich sticking his head into the sand. I recently have been informed that another Cardinal has implied that he too was involved in the group.

    • None of this would, however, invalidate the election. It is the worst legalism, and it would destroy any confidence in the election of any Pope, to believe that one or two or three cardinals discussing alliances before a Conclave (which, as you know, ****happens all the time anyway****), would invalidate an election.

  5. I can’t say whether he is or isn’t pope.
    All I have are a few instructions God gave me in case this should happen, and to all with sensus fidei.

    Does he come preaching a different gospel than what was given to the apostles?
    Yes. He is therefore anathema.
    Does he have the voice that I recognize as the Vicar of Christ, the shepherd who is tending the flock for Christ until Christ returns to us or we to Him?
    No. Therefore I do not recognize his voice and I am not to listen to him.
    As for the rest, his status, whatever he is or isn’t, I can’t know. I can arrive at my own conclusions, but I can’t know. If anyone can know, and get something done about it, I applaud them, and will join them if there is something I can do.

    • You are implying that it is for you to decide, and you can’t make a decision.
      It is not for you to decide, period.
      That he is not followed in anything that is not Catholic it is clear.

  6. We are going through the passion of our Lord through the Church. The true Chirch will once again Rise in alm its splendor and truth. For now I will stand before the Cross and not abandon our Lord and all its Truth. Bergoglio is an anathema.

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