The Church In The Times Of Madness: Instructions For Use


I have bad news for you. You live in times where the Pope goes around preaching heresy and not even his Bishops (let alone the Cardinals) have the courage to do anything, bar a couple of courageous, isolated voices that remain unheeded.

I have more bad news for you. The impending (be realistic now: he is 92) death of Benedict, the Pontiff Emeritus and Eternal Celestine, will cure absolutely nothing in this, not does his being alive (with all his pomp and circumstances; the white habit and the vain title, “Emeritus”, the “silent” interviews and the private archbishop secretary) do anything to remedy the situation now.

You are, realistically and bar a Divine Intervention, facing a long, long time of this. Just consider that, when the Evil Clown finally croaks, the Conclave will be composed by Cardinals nominated, in the majority, by him.  Yes, you can dream that the Cardinals will wake up and refuse to allow those nominated by Francis to take part in the next conclave; but at this point this is, also, a pious fantasy: those not appointed by Francis would not only be the minority, but they would have the Tagles and (until 2022) the Maradiagas of the world among them.

Face it: you are likely going to live and die in the Time of Madness.

How do you react to it?

By being Catholic, no matter what. By trying to be what all the generations before you have tried to be. Of course, you will also push, as far as you can, for the restoration of sanity. But as far as your private redde rationem  with God is concerned, you just use the manual that has been in use for two thousand years. Some useful steps in this direction.

  1. Pray the Rosary every day. Start today.
  2. Look for a Traditional Latin Mass. Try to attend there if this is reasonable. In both cases, go on Youtube and watch some recording. Imbibe yourself with the absolute superiority of the Tridentine Mass compared with the dumbed-down kindergarten spectacle you dutifully inflict on yourself every Sunday (I look at it as a penance now).
  3. Buy and read “Iota Unum”. It is not cheap, but it is worth every penny. This book will not only allow you to obtain, a contrario, a comprehensive picture of sound Catholicism. It will also allow you to give a historic perspective to the current madness, to see it as a satanic loaf that has been proofing for decades now.
  4. Read the SSPX publications (Angelus Press), and first of all “one hundred years of Modernism”. Again, this will give you a historic perspective of what is happening. It will allow you to see the current Pontificate as a point in time in the course of a long disease, not a sudden earthquake leaving you unable to understand how this could happen in the first place.
  5. Throw away your JP II Catechism. Do it now. No, I mean now. Read the rest of this post when it has gone in the rubbish bin.
  6. Buy one or more old Catechisms. The Penny Catechism is simple, but excellent. The four Baltimore Catechisms are also outstanding. There are several others (Council of Trent, Pius X), that you may find in English if you look around.
  7. Inform yourself, and follow as much as you can, old Catholic traditions and devotional practices: say, Friday abstinence, or the traditional prayer before the meals, or the days of fasting; or the Forty Hours, or the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
  8. Make an effort of memorisation, like in old times. Do you know the Commandments by heart? The works of mercy? The Gifts of the holy spirit? The deadly sins? It may seem a little thing, but you will see that it becomes useful both in your spiritual life and in your interactions with others. We live in times of great spiritual ignorance. A little can go a long way. Besides, and as Lucia in the Promessi Sposi says, “Dio perdona tante cose per un’opera di misericordia!”, “God forgives many things for one work of mercy!”.

One could go on along this line, but I think I have outlined the fundamentals.

The bottom line is this: as much as you reasonably can, expunge Vatican II from your life without waiting that the Church does the same. Do not do it to the point of it being counterproductive (say: do not stop attending Mass just because a Tridentine Mass is not reasonably available), but, within the realm of reason and common sense, give V II the booth.

When you die, you will go to your judgement knowing that you have, sinful as you certainly are, and with God’s Grace, actively tried to give to Christ more than the disfigured Church of the XXI Century wanted you to.

Not a bad hand of cards, I would say.

And nothing that an evil Pope like Francis can do against it.


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  1. Ailish Uí Laoighre

    God bless you for this. I will do this with God’s help

  2. I compiled a list of books, including The New Roman Missal by Father Lasance, which teach what the Catholic Church has always taught throughout the ages:

  3. Thanks Mundabor for the sound advice in the time of Catholic troubles. I have done all of what you said some time ago. These actions are the anchors we must use to maintain our stability in the authentic barque of Church in the midst of this hurricane of heresy and immorality engulfing the See of Peter.

  4. Good advice. Much appreciated. I find reading the book of Lamentations very uplifting these days.

    “How deserted lies the city, once so full of people! How like a widow is she, who once was great among the nations! She who was queen among the provinces has now become a slave.”

  5. Just ordered my copy, thanks Mundabor for the helpful suggestions. You are remembered in my prayers.

    Deb L


  6. At the turn of the New Year I received a mailing from the SSPX suggesting that individuals adopt the recitation of the Angelus prayer three times daily. It’s a beautiful way to focus the mind on salvation history upon arising, midday and before you fall asleep. It easily becomes habit.

    I would also suggest creating a little shrine to the Virgin in your household. I have a beautiful framed artwork of Mother and Child with a perpetually lit LED candle glowing beneath in a high traffic area. It’s a visual that helps focus on the need for her assistance in these trying times.

  7. vermontcrank1

    St Vincent of Lerins explains why God permits such evil as this papacy – It is a way for God to test us – and how to respond to it – flee novelties, hold fast to Tradition –

  8. This is such helpful and practical wisdom, concrete things we can do to handle the times. I think you are correct here, this is not going to simply go away or be handled. There is no one to declare this one pope not that one, etc. I don’t wish to take the air out of anyone’s balloons, but nobody is going to remove him, fake pope or not. Only God could remedy this. But here are things we can do. We can stay Catholic, if the church wants to go into apostasy, there is little we can do, but this we can do. There is satisfaction in knowing we can remain Catholic despite them, no matter how much they wish differently.
    In addition to this, we give Francis no heed at all, we don’t listen, we don’t care what he says, to us he barely exists, and that goes for the rest of the bishops and cardinals. When and if a true shepherd shows up, we’ll know it. Until then, they are anathema.

  9. And yes, it is the Traditional Latin Mass only. How people are enduring the NO Mass, I don’t know, although there are definitely better NO Masses than others. There is a continuum of good and bad, so find the best you can, but better yet, find the TLM! If not a diocese, find the SSPX or the FSSP. They may, in fact, be preferred over the diocesan. But don’t give the diocese any actual money. Give gift cards for groceries, gas, to your faithful priest. We don’t give the diocese a dime. Yes, it hurts. Do it anyway. Don’t feed the monster.

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