SSPX Reacts To Pope Pachamama

The Society of St Pius X has issued a statement about the Synod on the Amazon. 

It is, no doubt, the strongest statement ever come from the SSPX concerning the troubled times we are living. They also state:

On Sunday, November 10th, 2019, each priest of the Society will celebrate a Mass of reparation, and in each chapel, the Litanies of the Saints, taken from the liturgy of the Rogations, will be sung or recited to ask God to protect His Church and to spare it from the punishments that such acts cannot fail to draw down upon it. We urge all priest friends, as well as all Catholics who love the Church, to do the same.

I invite all the faithful to participate to this initiative.

The statement of the SSPX is very apposite. Still, I allow myself to explain here what else I would have wanted from this statement, and what I hope future statements will contain.

  1. An open accusation of Francis as an apostate or, at least, a heretic, and
  2. The call for an imperfect Council declaring that he has deposed himself.

I do not think for a moment that behind the choice of not doing this may be the fear of losing whatever “privileges” Francis has accorded to them. No follower of the SSPX could ever care a dried fig whether Francis recognises the Sacraments imparted by the SSPX or not. In my eyes, the SSPX is fearful that, if they start with this Crusade, they will stump it, as every Bishop and Cardinal who dares to say half a word against Francis will be accused of being a “schismatic” like those pesky Traditionalist people. In short, it might colour the entire movement with the kind of tinge that the mainstream avoids.

Still, it seems to me that extreme times call for extreme measures. If no other Bishops and Cardinals call for the events mentioned above (Bishop Gracida, in a way, does; but he has fixated himself on the Conclave. This is a dead end of dubious chances, and impossible to push through without the real argument, which is Francis’ heresies and, at this point, open apostasy), then I think that it is for the SSPX to do it and put themselves, as people used to say, “at the head of the movement”.

I understand that this would not be something going on from inside the Hierarchy (whilst the SSPX has valid orders, they certainly are not a part of the Church command structure). Still, at this point I would prefer a call for an imperfect Council from the SSPX, even if not followed or attacked and discredited for the very reason that it comes from them, to no call at all. And if you think that Cardinal Burke and Brandmueller could wake up from their King Theoden-esque slumber – and actually do something more than some encouraging talk and some praise for people with far more courage than them – I have a bridge on sale that I would like to offer to you first, but you have to act fast.

We live in disgraceful times. In front of such an apocalyptic pope, I think that the following generations of Catholics, and the Saints and Angels above, will be pleased with every call to depose this satanical guy, no matter how little the chances of success.

It would be very sad if history would record this pontificate in the same way as the one of Honorius: open heresy, and no action.

In case of Honorius, the action came after his death. In case of Francis, I doubt even that. One reason more to shoot with every available weapon at this Pontificate, and the SSPX would certainly be a massive tank in itself.






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  1. Agree. I wonder if SSPX worries about the negative effect on their own followers if they did as you suggest Mundabor. But let us be optimistic and say that their “statement about the Synod on the Amazon” will lead to a “strong letter to follow” as the saying goes.

    Right now many good people can’t handle the truth about Francis. But as he reveals himself , and helped along with our prayers. more folks will come to the truth. It is a saying that a tipping point is reached when 10% of a population believes something to be true and hence ready for action.

  2. Stéphane Mercier

    If you allow me to, I fear Honorius’ case is a lot more complicated. Documents seem to have been altered, the Greeks who didn’t quite like the Latins (the reverse too was true…) may have messed with the texts, etc. From what I’ve seen in the available documents I read in order to make up my mind on the subject, well I have to say there is no way we can reasonably consider Honorius a heretic. Maybe he was not as forceful a champion of orthodoxy as he was expected to be, but of heresy as such I found no reliable evidence anywhere, contrary to the claims we hear from different sources that seem to quote each other.
    Francis is another story. Evidence of his heretical stance is so plentiful that one really cannot escape it. My point is that Honorius certainly doesn’t deserve to be compared with the Francis. We have other candidates for such a comparison, and one doesn’t need to go back in time more than a few years and decades to find them, if you know what I mean…
    That said, the manly prose and forceful indignation do lift the heart. Keep it going!I don’t know how many readers you have, but you deserve more.

    • Take it this way: if the less obscene position of Honorius merited him an ecumenical council to condemn his heresy, how guilty is Francis? Besides, I do not indulge in this kind of revisionism: the translations might have been bad, etc. The bishops of the time knew all this. They condemned him nevertheless.

  3. Thanks for linking to the SSPX announcement. It seems strange that they haven’t said more publicly, although I attend an SSPX chapel and certainly there is no need to alert the people in our pews that things are very bad. In all fairness I think we can include Archbishop Lefebvre’s statements as comments concerning the troubled times we live in, so this announcement isn’t the “first”. He just saw this coming clearly before anyone else did, and was brave enough to say so.

    I hope many non-SSPX priests do join in on 11/10. I’ll be out of town but will make the 90 minute drive if needed if the diocesan TLM I plan to attend won’t be joining in. It will make a great statement to Rome if as many traditional parishes as possible join in, showing they aren’t still seeing the SSPX as outside the Church.

    • Well said, Sharon. I am an attendee of the SSPX Masses & agree with you. Lefebvre was very clear. Those who adhere to his Society know where he stood. I believe we will see increasing battle lines drawn soon and then it will become more evident with whom we should stand. Many have reached the point where they will take no more offense against God and His commandments, and I will pray for and support them.

  4. Honorius might have been censured by a council after his death, however I agree with Mercier that that is only proof of his suspected heresy, as original sources are unreliable. That said, I would propose that to declare someone a heretic much easier in his times than ours when even openly heretical statements and issuances of Francis are accepted with applause or – at best – silence by a Vatican II hierarchy.

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