“Did He Steal A Kiss?” Walt Disney In The Age Of #Metoo



It had to happen. 

In the Age Of Insanity, wholesome thinking must be branded as outdated, which is the stage before “offensive” and, in time, “phobic”.

Walt Disney, for a long time now clearly a force for evil, is going explicitly against the movies that made the fortune of the company. It is not surprising that they are now thinking of “remakes” of the same movies with all sorts of deviant people.

The Walt Disney Company is trying to either pervert your children, or make them accustomed to perversion at a young age; like the children in Sodom must have been, before God put an end to the entire show.

Take the original Snow White. In this wonderful movie for people of every age, a very young Snow White is seen praying for a husband. Imagine that! Young girls must, surely, be protected from such a nefarious influence? How can a modern, “woke” woman, probably already divorced once or twice and with (pardon my French) a cock count in the dozens, even imagine subjecting her girl to th… the… Pa… Patr…. Patriarchy? God forbid! Her young girl must be taught to go to university, ramp up her (cough…) cock count at a young age to “affirm her sexuality”, “learn” some useless discipline that will make her perfectly useless for the rest of her life, get accustomed to wake up in the morning with one thousand grievances and, in general, become just a replica of her mother, but even more easily “triggered”.  We can’t have any of that wholesome stuff here! You never know: little girl could grow up and realise what a woman her mother is!

And what about the male protagonist in the movie? One of the dwarfs asks her whether the Prince “stole a kiss” from her. I can’t wait for the #metoo Bitch Troops asking for the immediate arrest and utter destruction before trial of the poor dwarf, for the suggestion alone!  Actually, this would be material for countless useless doctoral theses, written by equally useless “woke” feminists, explaining to the world that such movies “perpetuate violence against women”, or such like rubbish. Alas, Snow White is not “triggered” at all when the dwarf asks the question. She actually goes on to sing a beautiful song, that is so “unwoke” it must trigger every modern Woke Bitch in no time!  What dark, dark times those must have been!

We are really living in an upside down world. It behooves all of us – those who have children and those who don’t – to contribute to a world in which children are helped to grow up in a sane, normal, wholesome environment. Actually, Walt Disney might be helping us, as the products they brand as “outdated” are actually indicating to parents that they are safe and good for their children! The irony must, surely, not escape such a woke Company.

Walt Disney, the old company, has done much for the world.

I wonder what old Walt would think, if he saw what his wonderful creation has become.






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  1. Disney is on a mission from the devil. That should be clear to most real Catholics who actually believe the “bull shit” as Ann Barnhardt puts it. Unfortunately, most Catholics don’t even know the truths thanks to our “woke” clergy who regard lots of Catholic teaching beyond the pale of political correctness.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    Great post, Mundabor. Walt Disney would be spinning in his grave at what his once great company has been reduced to! Professor Jordan Peterson calls “Frozen” Disney’s worst movie and “reprehensible propaganda”; see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-Lk7gcLP8Q.

  3. People who take their children to Disney world in Orlando Florida are equally to blame. They are the adults who contribute many thousands of dollars to the new woked Disney, far more than they ever contributed to charity.

  4. I’ll say it— filthy bastards besmirching such a masterpiece of beguiling animated beauty. Dirty, filthy minds to read ugliness into “did he steal a kiss?” Everything is becoming poisoned in relationships between men and women. Woman’s Empowerment in generally bullshit. Many, many women are miserable, fat or anorexic trying to navigate modern societal demands. Early sex, contraception, cohabitation, abortion, single motherhood—have eroded society to a great degree.

  5. Roberto Hope Sánchez Mejorada

    This has happened to Disney because it has been taken over largely by Jewish capitalists

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