Bookgate: Reality Wins

Reality taught the “Vatican Bizarro World” a good lesson today.

Ignatius Press said that they will print and market the book as joint authorship Cardinal Sarah/ Pontiff Emeritus Ratzinger. Why? Because these are the facts, the reality on the ground, as evidenced by several letters of Cardinal Sarah and all the internal correspondence of the publisher.

So, why all the ruckus? To look like the idiots they are, all three of them.

Francis, who has allegedly put Benedict/Gaenswein/both under pressure to “recant”, looks like a perfect nincompoop: the clamour around the book only helped to make known to more people that Benedict actually published a book going against Francis, and approved every part of it.

Gaenswein looks like an idiot, for making claims destroyed by… reality in a matter of hours. At his age, you would expect that he knows better than to lick Francis’ boots for the sake of a smokescreen, so soon dissolved.

Benedict looks like… a Benedict. A guy that tries to talk tough, and then shuts his mouth when it is clear that his tough talk actually puts him in a difficult spot. At 94, you would think his fear to be poisoned is quite limited. Actually, at 94 one could almost “hope” to be poisoned for the faith. Very “cheap” martyrdom, if you ask me. Not pleasant, I agree. But a Pope should actually embrace the possibility.

I am still awaiting Benedict’s statement that he is nothing to do with Gaenswein’s initiative. My suspicion is that I will wait forever. This makes Benedict an accomplice of Francis and Gaenswein, both of whom he clearly put before Christ and His Church.

I would like that someone would explain this to me: how is it that when Francis does not correct anyone (say: Eugenio Scalfari) attributing outlandish stuff to him, we all consider Francis responsible for what he has not corrected, but the same metre never seems to apply to Benedict? Why must a man so obviously “there” with his head (though obviously very frail physically now) be exempted from avoiding scandal to be spread in his name? He can communicate at anytime with anyone, apparently?

In the end, reality always wins. In this case, Francis’ “spitted-flecked nutty” made three people look bad, but did not change the legal and factual reality on the ground.

Refreshing, for once, to see a publishing house publicly – if implicitly – rebuke two Popes and an Archbishop. It will teach them to take reality more seriously in future.

As for Benedict: boy, what a shame. At his age, and clearly in full possession of his faculties (read the letters to Cardinal Sarah), he offers this show of betaness.

Sad. So sad.

If Catholics had been told, 100 years ago, that, one day, a Pope would try to have his authorship of truth removed when the truth turned out to be offensive, they would have considered it the circus trick of the year.

This is now a circus we have to live with every day.



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  1. There are some answers here , at least regarding Ganswein.

  2. John J. Marren, Jr.

    As they say here in the good old US of A….Father Fessio has a set of stones.

    God bless him for not succumbing to the bs spewing forth from Rome.

    It’s like someone in the Vatican Department of Doctrinal Sewage and Waste Disposal has opened up a “release” spigot.

    Years ago an EWTN program had Father Fessio as a guest and he was asked about kneeling for Communion and the right to do so (I’ve been told to stand a number of times…and have a number of friends who have been refused Communion for kneeling.)

    Father Fessio adamantly insisted on the absolute right to kneel and stated that in his parish a “prie Dieu” was always provided for those who wanted to kneel.

    Let’s say a rosary for the good Father Fessio….and Vigano.


    24 Apr 2005 – I do not have to carry alone what in truth I could never carry alone. … Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves. …

    Thursday, 28 February 2013 … He fled, for fear of the wolves.

  4. When I yesterday wrote my previous comment, I did not know what Archibishop Vigano was going to testify ( but let me say that I thought about him and wished he could know something.

    Now I have no more doubts.

    In previous years I wondered about Ganswein and his position Between Francis and Benedict.
    His permanent smile , his reception of the Luxembourg primer minister and his male “wife”.
    Something about his personality was strange for me.

    Now , I SEE.

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