Keep Losing, Or: The Summer Of Blood

Try to remove those “peacefully” whilst surrounded by thugs…


Even the hard-left BBC does not manage to conceal the utter failure of the Seattle Autonomous Anarcho-Communist Hate Zone known as CHAZ or CHOP.

Almost every day I see newspaper articles with news of a shooting, but no one seems interested in keeping count. BBC is no exception, but I’d say we are at two dead and four wounded in 9 days.

Basically, Liberia.

The chief of police whines that people are “not cooperating”. Hey, Ms Sherlock: they kicked your people out! Why exactly do you expect them to cooperate? 

This is more damaging to the Dems every day. Violence continues unabated. The police are unable to do anything meaningful about it. The Mayor of the “Summer of Love” has to answer all this.

This is only the beginning. When the CHAZ is, at some point, dismantled, people will come out of the woodwork with tales of violence, intimidation, perhaps rape. Serves them right, of course, but it will make other people think.

Concrete road blocks are now frequent. The occupiers have said they will not go “peacefully”. Even a Libtard understands this is now a free republic for drug trafficking and who knows how many other horrible things.

Every day they do not act, they look more impotent. When they are forced to act, they will look like losers, forced to resort to violence to cut their losses. If Trump intervenes in the end, he will be hailed as the saviour from incompetent politicians.

This is a lose-lose for the Dems. They know it, and they know they need to choose how they lose, fast. But the choice is very painful.

So, for the moment, they choose to just keep losing.



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  1. Liberalism carries the seeds of its own destruction within. That seed is the inability to perceive reality within or outside itself. Liberals are completely subjective, operating mostly on emotion and pride in their own theories.. Now the ugliness and stench of its flower is for all to see. God has so engineered the human mind that unless you use your common sense and do His will you will fail.

    This has been going on for thousands of years but the lessons are not learned. Such is the power of pride.

  2. “Not going peacefully,” is one thing.
    Going because you are a failure is something else again.
    These people will abandon their violence-ridden commune to be cleaned up by the same authorities who allowed it at the expense of the taxpayers who voted for them.
    With inadequate food supplies, no money to buy more, no sanitation services (garbage pick-up) this confederacy of mean-spirited dunces was bound for infamy from the start.

  3. If one of those Communists gets a splinter in the removal, the media, including the vaunted fair and balanced Fox News, will present it as a fail for Donald Trump. One remembers the days of Olde America, the real one, where insurrection and violence were handled quickly and efficiently. America didn’t coddle rioters, didn’t support them, didn’t entitle them, and the media did not present the people who victimize others as the victims. Those days are gone as it is made clear to the American people, this is indeed a revolution in real time. Even our old friend Ronald McDonald has decided America is a racist land, and they are openly supporting the NAACP and other like organizations as they sell their Happy Meals. Amerika is friggin woke, and they are going to pummel you until you are woke too.
    Virtue signaling has reached the heights. Those who work in education see what’s coming. They are rolling out books, materials, and programs about “inequality” so they can grab lots of money and do all the same things the Democrats have been doing and failing with since the 60’s “War on Poverty”. All that money and it did so little. American parents should expect white Johnny will be told about his white privilege and how racist and horrible he has been to black Johnny, who will be informed he has been the victim of white Johnny for a long time, and that will end now that black Johnny’s saviours have shown up to help him understand how deeply he needs to hate white Johnny, the racist. They are going to sow deep divides and change forever the way these children see themselves, their country, and their ancestors. People with nothing but a Leftist agenda are all geared up to get their hands on the children this fall, where it will begin in earnest. Get any union materials at all to see what I’m saying is true. It’s all racism, inequality, and LGBT. Here they come.

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