Meet A Rare Example Of A Man

Tancred over at the Eponymous Flower has a beautiful, beautiful post about his own personal experience with Covid (which is being a horrible one), and the implications for the planet at large. I suggest that everyone does like me: visits the page, reads the post, and prays for the good man. My rosary of today is for him.

If I were to die in a car accident, I would not want that this is used to advocate the closure of roads. If I were to die falling from the stairs, I would not want that this is used to advocate mandatory bungalows for the over 45. If I were to die of Covid, I would not want this to be used to advocate the destruction of the world as we know it, and his substitution for a dystopian dictatorship of the nannies, becoming more and more controlling of our economies and our individual destinies as they try to make our – at this point, utterly miserable – life drag for pretty long. How long? Probably, until we get mandatorily euthanised and our organs harvested because, being still healthy, they can be used to extend the miserable existence of other derelict people; people who will, in turn, be mandatorily euthanised. In the meantime, countless millions of lives will be aborted or prevented from being born because some software billionaire foundation has decided that the “good” number for the inhabitant of the Planet is X billions, making Hitler look like an amateur.

But for the grace of God, go I.

People get ill, and die, every day. People who believe in God know that, unless they do something very stupid, they will die at the time that has been divinely, and very reasonably, appointed for them; and if they do something very stupid, they will die at the time that their stupidity has caused to be still divinely, and still very reasonably, appointed for them.

We live in a civilisation of pansies because we live in a civilisation of atheists. If all I have is this temporary activity of breathing, eating, and breeding, then I will be very tempted to put nothing above it: not the Fatherland, not the economy, not even freedom! “Live Free or die” becomes “Live enslaved so that you die later”. A lot of people seem to think it natural. Their freedoms are brutally eroded, and they just don’t give a fig.

I say it once again: the Country that went on living normally under the German bombs has made a serious attempt to destroy itself over a virus. This attempt has revealed that they don’t care for their freedoms.

What their ancestors died for, they have bartered for a mask.

God bless Tancred, and may he get well soon. But if – quod Deus avertat! – he were to die, it would be the death of a man; not of one of these pansies.

Pray for him, and that there may be more like him as the madness continues.

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  1. Do they still send Christmas cards in England? Here it’s dying out. I love getting cards. I love putting them on the mantle. It’s festive, it’s cheerful, but most of all they’re a reminder of those friends and loved ones that are in my heart. They used to all have religious imagery which really brought the beauty of the Christmas story to the rooms they were placed in. I’ve sent them out practically my entire life. Now one person after another has stopped sending them. They tell me they no longer send them out to anyone. Why is that? For a few years I got email cards but now even those have pretty much stopped. This year I’m keeping track of whom I don’t hear from so I don’t waste my time next year sending them to people who couldn’t care less. It’s hard to even find cards that have a religious theme to them. It’s all secular garbage. It’s one of those bellwethers to me of the way atheism is overtaking us all. Maybe next year I’ll send out cards with a picture of an Amazon truck on them since that’s basically what the meaning of Christmas is anymore to people.

  2. The joke will be on them, because my heart palpitates when I walk too fast and one of my eyes has macular degeneration, and I’m not gonna say which one so they won’t know. Hah!
    “Life free or die”, New Hampshire’s motto, has come to me so many times in the past year. I do not live far from New Hampshire. The spirit of America still exists, you can see it in pretty much every Trump voter. We all get it. We all want it. We try to live it.
    But who the hell let in all these stupid Communists and imbeciles. America has too many of both of these, and where they came from, I don’t know, but I seriously feel like we should dig up poor Senator Joe McCarthy and prop him in a chair as someone did long ago for a pope. I think that pope was found guilty of something but Joe McCarthy deserves an apology and to tell him, too late, that he was dead-on right, and America was being infiltrated by Communists. He was derided, mocked, insulted, just like one other man we can all name, who has fought the Beast for over 5 years now. Please God, help him. Help us.

  3. Thanks so much for the prayers and good wishes.

    God bless, recuperating bit by bit.

    ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

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