Meet The Friends Of The “Pandemic”

There is no denying that, however you put it, the Chinese Virus “emergency” is coming to an end.

I cannot avoid thinking that a segment of the population will feel really uncomfortable with this.

There will be those who, accustomed, for a year now, to have their thumb, or their pacifier, firmly stuck in their mouth, will feel more or less traumatised at having to come to grips with the notion that yes, they are adults and they are supposed to take care of themselves.

There will be the many who, having been born a Nanny (if female) or a Corporal (if man), and having greatly enjoyed their ability to go around scolding people for not wearing a mask, or not wearing it in the right place, will now suffer their loss of authority over other people.

There will be the lazy ones, like an awful lot of teachers. They have become accustomed to the same pay for even less work. The prospect of having to go back to the old days is not something they like.

Then there will be the sociopaths. With no life, no friends, and no-one having any interest in them, they enjoyed ratting their neighbours to the police, and felt that fuzzy feeling, that all cruel people evidently have, that they made others suffer. This is, of course, their revenge because their neighbours, like everybody else, don’t like them.

Let us not forget the enviro-nutcases. Another category universally hated, and hating humanity in return, they enjoyed the decrease in emissions that the hysteria called “pandemic” caused. Methinks, many of them would want this to go on forever.

Then there would be the Marxists. They have been looking attentively, and they now know that entire Countries have given away their freedom because of a nasty epidemic of flu. They know, now, that freedom is almost defenceless all over the West. Find the right trigger, and entire populations will surrender their freedoms to their new masters, grateful to have someone who takes care of them.

Lastly, you have the do-gooders. The ones who go out of their door on a Thursday evening at 8pm to clap to some absent people, hoping to be seen by as many neighbours as possible. Those who constantly say “stay safe!” even to the cat. Those who ask everybody if “everyone is fine” in his family, as if they were in Dresden, Germany, mid-February 1945.

All of these people are going to lose, in the so-called “pandemic”, a very dear friend. One would feel for them, almost, considering the miserable life they will continue to live.

When the next attempt to shut everything is made (the next “pandemic”, or the next variation of the present one), you can be sure that the fear-mongerers will have in these people ardent allies.

Freedom, and adulthood, have many enemies.

The friends of the “pandemic” are most  certainly among them.

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  1. People don’t want to be free and here I mean freedom as defined by holy Mother Church. It’s a freedom that comes with obligations. These obligations are often hard to bear and one cannot bear them without faith, frequent prayer, Confession, Communion. Most people want to be told what to do in order to evade responsibility and to have the ability to blame someone else. As long as they get a little money from the government, cannabis and other drugs, porn on the Internet and Netflix, they’re actually fine with totalitarian control. It’s all over the world.

  2. We mustn’t forget those bureaucratic Karens on steroids (the politicized CDC) who are turning the screws on those refusing the experimental mRNA treatment. Something very odious is afoot.


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  4. I was biking yesterday. Sunny day finally. A woman was jogging toward me. As I came within sight she began to fumble – – while running – – to pull a mask out of her jacket and proceeded to awkwardly don it. I was probably in her immediate vicinity all of one second.

    Like a slap in the face. On a human to human level. And very sad.

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