Another Fag Bites The Dust

Monsignor Jeffrey Burill, Secretary General of the Bishops’ Conference of the United States and, as such, the highest-ranking US priest who is not a Bishop, has just resigned.

The circumstances of his resignation are disgusting enough (the little faggot used the Grindr app to locate other perverts near him), but what really grates me is that, in the statement of his organisation, there is no mention whatever of sodomy being evil in a very special way, because a sexual perversion, in comparison to, say, the guy having a mistress.

It is as if this little faggot’s behaviour were a problem not because he is a pervert but because he was, very generically, not chaste.

What this shows, is the total lack of interest among too many in the clergy concerning what a priest’s tendencies are. I can well imagine that this guy’s inclinations were well-known to a number of people, but some of them thought “hey, he is chaste, surely?”, as if the perversion were not a problem in and of itself.

It could, of course, have been worse than that: it can well be – in fact, I can imagine this even more easily than the other hypothesis – that the guy was put in his place by the same powerful homo mafia that put many other people in positions of power: the Archbishop Paglias, or the Father Martinas, and, quite likely, the Cardinal Bergoglios, of this world.

The disfigured Church of the XXI Century does not seem to consider homosexuality a problem, and seems not to see in sodomy anything worse than lack of chastity.

Is it a surprise that Her leaders hate the Latin Mass?

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  1. The staffs of the USCCB, CRS and the CCHD have on the large part been composed of socialists and homosexuals for decades.

  2. This shouldn’t shock me but it does. I actually believed the casual attitude about this most vile perversion just came about in the last few decades. Now I realize that it is a routine thing for many in the priesthood. It makes me feel a bit ill. Where is the papal action on this problem?

  3. Joseph D'Hippolito

    M, this shouldn’t be either new or surprising. Remember St. Peter Damian and “Liber Gommorahianus” in 1049. Remember the papal pornocracy before that. The Church has *never* fully come to grips with sexual perversion among its clergy. It has *never* truly repented. It has rarely held anybody accountable, until now, and McCarrick was only held accountable because his case was too publicly embarassing.

  4. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    I had to laugh when I read your headline since on my own blog this morning the title was “Another one bites the dust: No wonder we don’t trust the USCCB.” Great minds think alike or maybe we both think in cliches. But you are absolutely right. Many in the hierarchy don’t seem to think this is much as a problem as long as the pervert stays out of the news. That happened in my own diocese. The previous bishop, Loverde, knew perfectly well about a number of homosexuals with porn in the closet. He did nothing until the proverbial fat hit the fan when the information ended up in the news. Then he took action. I wonder how many of these disturbed individuals continue to serve unhindered while good priests are given the heave-ho.

  5. The USCCB is the US Democrat Party at “Prayer.” In Msgr Burrill’s case, this isn’t his 1st time “Grinding.”

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